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Grilled Gourmet Bella Burgers

Portobello mushrooms a perfect substitute when you’re crazing a burger but not the fat. Top them with my sundried tomato basil spread for a light and delicious meal.

Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Orange Dipping Sauce

This is a perfect recipe for patio season. Serve it at your next BBQ or prepare for your family on a relaxing evening.

In a canadian stew

This is my all time favorite stew recipe. It’s excellent and simple to make. I always make extras for leftovers. There are loads of vegetables in this stew and the flavors only get better as it sits in the fridge for a few days. On a night when I am planning a treat for myself, I open a good bottle of red wine and sip it while I chop vegetables. I usually do this on Friday nights! Try it!

Light and Lean Leek and Potato Soup

Served hot or cold, this clean and fresh soup is good for the soul.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with Spicy Kefir Caesar Dressing and Grilled Mini Pita Bread

Are you ready kick things up with this clean and spicy take on the classic Chicken Caesar?

Fast Food Lunch like a French Bistro

Whip up this gourmet lunch in a snap! This pairing of eggs, goat yogurt cheese, and fresh vegetables will have you dreaming of Paris.

Delightful Strawberry, Spinach and Broccoli Salad with Macadamia Nuts

Get a taste of summer with this sweet salad.

Country Club Watercress and Grilled Chicken Salad with Putting Green Dressing

Add a touch of elegance to your mid-day meal with this fresh and sophisticated composed salad.

Clean Salmon Caesar Pita Pockets

Who says salmon is only meant for dinner? Pack these pitas for a delicious and healthy mid-day meal.

Calamari Parsley Salad

This recipe was inspired by my time in Turkey. It’s very much like tabouleh, but contains no bulgar wheat. When cooking squid, cook it either for 1 to 2 minutes, or for a very long time. Anything in between will make it rubbery and tough.

BBQ Chicken Chop Chop Salad

This is no mere side-salad, it will be the star of your lunch hour! Bold southern flavours, and light, grilled veggies join together with chicken to make a lunch worth talking about!

One Dish Lentil Salad

When you just don’t feel like a hot meal but still want your Clean Eating protein and complex carbohydrates, try this colorful and delicious salad.

One Dish Chinese Chicken and Rice

Will there ever be enough ways to prepare chicken? This is a quick but healthy version of a popular favorite. Add your favorite vegetables to this dish to tailor it to your own palate or to that of your family. Brown rice makes it even healthier.

Rise ‘ n Shine Teff Grain Breakfast Bowl

If you love cinnamon, this is the breakfast for you! This meal will warm you up from the inside, and keep you going on a busy morning.

NYC Bagel Breakfast

This is a clean and flavourful take on an old favourite. Prepare the dilled yogurt cheese ahead, and you can serve up a healthy and delicious breakfast in a New York Minute!

Jump Start Granola

Sweet, crunchy, and oh-so-good for you! This granola will jump start your day, or keep you going when you need a boost. Grab a handful or add some to yogurt for a satisfying treat.

Dark & Addictive Bran Muffins

I wouldn’t normally use the word “addictive” to describe bran muffins, but in this case, it’s absolutely true. This is an “Eat-Clean” vegan version based on my late Aunt Glenna’s recipe!

Cherry Protein Pop ‘Ems

If you love cherries, you’ll love these little protein power-houses. They’re a sweet treat, and a great way to get started when you’re on the go!

Egg White & Turkey Scramble

Who says you can’t have turkey for breakfast? It tastes wonderful when mixed with scrambled eggs and Clean Eating spinach and tomato. Now this is the way to start your day!

Caledon Baked Oatmeal

A hearty, no fuss breakfast that is great for get-togethers. By adding seasonal ingredients, you’ll never run out of new ways to prepare this breakfast champion.

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