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Cheddar Jalapeno Corn Muffins

Perfect for the entire family – try these cheddar delights with a slight kick!

Chili Cheese Popcorn

Breathe in that delicious popcorn smell and fill your tummy with a few handfuls of air popped chili popcorn!

Go Green Smoothie

Super simple and super healthy – transform your body into a green, mean-clean machine!

Clean Eating Guacamole

Guacamole is often overlooked as a viable Clean Eating option since it is loaded with ingredients that make it fatty – mayonnaise or sour cream. You can enjoy this delicious and nutritious food by making a few low fat changes and voila! Guacamole is suddenly off the AVOID list


Biscotti are a wonderful Eating Clean cookie to have on hand when you need a little something with your coffee. The dryness is nicely offset with a good crunch and the intense flavor of chocolate and almonds.

Power Balls

The quest for a pop-in-your-mouth hunger fix has waged long and wide in my home. The easier the better, the gooier the faster they disappear! These little dynamos require no cooking and are sure to be a family favorite. Anyone can make them even your kids.

Chocolate Almond Cake

This Eat Clean cake is so decadent even Julia Child would approve!

Coconut Orange Quinoa Pudding

Love rice pudding? Then you’ll love this nutritious new eat-clean twist on a classic all-time dessert. Quinoa and coconut milk add a new dimension of pure bliss!

Everybody Loves Rhubarb Flax Crisp

The perfect summertime dessert! A crispy, tart-and-sweet dessert so quick and easy to make you’ll find yourself stocking up on these classic ingredients all year long!

Go Bananas Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Yum! You’ll never believe this rich, dark chocolate pudding counts Silken tofu as its secret ingredient.

Low Fat Almond Date Biscotti

Biscotti means twice baked. It is a wonderful Italian cookie made even better because it’s low in fat and sugar. It is delicious with coffee or tea.

Blackberry And Apple Crumble

There is something about a crumble that just makes me say mmmmm! Crumbles of any sort satisfy my dessert craving. Prepare this dish in late summer when blackberries are ripe and early apples are just coming in. It is best with a cup of tea!

Vegan Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce

Vegan and delicious! Don’t believe it? Try this Raspberry Cheesecake guaranteed to satisfy and impress even the sweetest of tooths.

Yellowfin Tuna with Cashew Sauce

What a delicious catch! A glorious bed of fresh mixed greens, seared to perfection Tuna toped with a sultry cashew sauce.

Everyday Is A Meatball Day!

When you feel like something fun for dinner make meatballs! The kids love them and cold meatballs sliced onto your lunchtime pita are delicious. Much better than processed meat! Enjoy these with spaghetti too.

Apricot & Chicken Curry À La Rene

The first time I tasted this delectable chicken was at a dinner my then bachelor brother prepared for me. He was incredibly proud of his efforts and with good reason. It really is a delicious meal, especially with the addition of brown rice!

Penne with No-Cook Sundried Tomato Tofu Cream, Artichoke Hearts, and Basil

Create gourmet flavor at home by using healthy alternatives like tomato tofu cream and artichoke hearts to create a smooth yet deliciously decadent meal.

Pasta Legerro

The perfect main course for a romantic vegetarian dinner. Impress with your thoughtfulness, and give both of you some Clean energy for the night ahead. Pasta is, after all, considered the perfect food for an evening of passion.

Lot’s o’ Peppers Seafood and Black Bean Chili

There ain’t anything too fishy about this one! A tasty spin on the ol’ home comfort of chili – get ready for a hearty bowl to warm up the soul.

Chili Chicken Kabobs

The Trinidadian Men say “Lime Down”… Chili Chicken Kabobs. A tangy recipe worthy of any of your favourite meats – make it with pork, beef, bison, turkey or even salmon – your choice!

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