Health Boosting Turmeric Milk is loaded with potent health benefits. Try this bonus #StrikeSugarChallenge recipe the next time you’re craving a warm, creamy beverage.
Prep Time: 10 min.
Cook Time: 10 min.
Yield: 2 servings.


2 cups preferred milk (coconut is delicious)
1/2 inch piece of fresh turmeric
1 inch piece fresh ginger
2 tbsp manuka honey
1 tsp fresh ground black pepper



1.) Using medium sauce pan, heat milk over medium flame.
2.) Add remaining ingredients.
3.) Bring milk to a gentle boil, stirring gently and reduce heat.
4.) Let simmer for another 5 minutes, stirring gently.
5.) Turn off heat and let turmeric milk sit for several moments to develop flavor.
6.) When ready to serve, pour milk through fine mesh sieve into 2 mugs and serve.