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Commitment to your goals, is like putting gas in your car. Without that rip roaring fuel to drive it, you will stall. Get moving again by joining my Fitness Commitment Challenge today.

January is the time we commit to achieving venerable goals, often those we wanted to get to last year, but didn’t. We set


I pre-ordered Fitness Commitment. When will I receive it?

The program is now available for download. [Log into your online account here to gain access now.]  

Is #FitCommit available in hardcopy? Where can I get it?

#FitCommit is currently available in e-format only. It is available exclusively through my online shop. Know that Tosca

NEW YEAR 2016 – New Year New You

New Year 2016 is already here for some of us and around the corner for others, but it is here and it’s your moment to make your resolutions count.  We will sweep away what didn’t work from the tired old year, making way for new plans and ideas.  I will be ringing in 2016

Celebrating Mindfulness

Eating Clean means being mindful of the foods we choose to nourish our bodies with. It means reaching for well sourced, properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods instead of packaged Frankenfoods that do not resemble anything from the earth.
When we eat our energy and take in the goodness of true nutrition, the cells of our

Fitness Commitment With Tosca Reno

We are a few months into spring and, as the bug hits us, we start our Spring Cleaning. Cupboards are cleared. Sidewalks swept. Boxes filled with junk and taken to the curb. And finally you get to your own closet. Pulling out old jeans, on a whim, you try them on and realize, they

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