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Stacey’s Eat Clean Triumph

I’ve been buzzing off the positivity and energy of connecting with you each day in the Strike Sugar Facebook Group, so receiving an email from Stacey Beers of Rockford, MI, a few days ago about her incredible 13-week Eat Clean transformation was truly the (sugar-free!) icing on the cake of a grand week.
This 38-year-old


Several days in to Striking Sugar and you may be cursing my name and wondering what in hell you have gotten yourself into. Everyone else is enjoying life, drinking wine, sampling sweets and having a blast. In contrast, your head aches, you crave sugar, cheese, chocolate and anything else not nailed down. You keep

10 Strike Sugar Approved Snacks

Whether you’re currently doing my Strike Sugar Challenge or not, everyone can benefit from a few clean, sugar-free snack ideas.
10 Strike Sugar Approved Snacks
When you’re craving something crunchy…4 HOMEMADE SEED CRACKERS* WITH 2 TBSP CLEAN EATING GUACAMOLE
Texture can play a huge role in cravings. When you are searching for that crunch, make a batch


Eating Clean is a lifestyle way of eating designed to help you manage your weight and nutrition while restoring balance and respect to your way of eating. It’s not a diet. That’s how I intended it. But, as with so many trends, the strategy of Eating Clean (different than Clean Eating – just ask

May the 4th Be With You!

As many of you know, we start the Strike Sugar Challenge again Monday May 4th. Thousands of you have already committed to embarking on this sugar-free health and wellness journey and I thank you for placing your trust in me during this four-week program. I don’t get a buzz from the powdery white stuff

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