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We are onto something! I launched my first official Strike Sugar Challenge last July and just finished an amazing second challenge this week with thousands participating. SSC participants are feeling fabulous. But I have noticed a trend here; not even a year has gone by and suddenly everyone is talking about the evils of

10 Delicious Egg-less Breakfasts

Eggs are nourishing. Eggs are versatile. Eggs are easy. One of my favorite breakfasts is greens sautéed with turmeric in coconut oil with 2 eggs. I can eat the same things every day without getting bored, but sometimes I like to switch it up. Below are 10 sweet and salty egg-free breakfast ideas ideal


Not sure what a good carb vs a bad carb is, and tired of trying to figure it out? Who called them good and bad in the first place? Aren’t they all good? Can I have carbs if I’m dieting? When should I have them and how do I eat them? Are you carb

10 Birthday Ideas for the Clean Eater in Your Life

Today is my 56th birthday, and my birthday wish is all about you. I certainly hope it comes true:
I wish for you to make health, happiness, success and joy a priority in your life. Start searching for those all-important elements of your life now! Reach toward your best health by taking control over your


With headlines like this:

‘Juice food group is bananas. A glass of juice can sometimes contain much more sugar than a glass of pop.’
– Heart and Stroke Foundation spokesman
And this:
‘Sitting is the new smoking.’
– World Health Organization, American Cancer Society, Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Why are we still sitting here gobbling up 160 pounds of sugar each

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