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A Day if by Food

Monday evening’s thunderous storms delivered early morning clouds and a landscape bathed in otherworldly green. The air, now crisp and clear, vibrated with energy, the kind that makes runners sing because they know temperatures between 36 and 52 degrees F (2 to 11 degrees Celsius) are best for efficiently bringing oxygen to the

3 Ingredient Recipes

Eating clean doesn’t have to be complicated. Let this list of 3 ingredient recipes inspire you the next time you’re looking for a quick, easy and delicious nutrition fix.

1. Cut an avocado in half and remove the pit. In the cavity of each half, crack an egg and top with fresh chopped chive. Bake

Clean Liquid Treats

1. Soda Alternatives
Did you know the average can of cola (12 fl oz) contains a life destroying 33 grams of sugar? The World Health Organization recommends consuming no more than roughly 25 grams of sugar daily (I recommend even less). Your body hits high levels of stress trying to process the tsunami of sugar

Fitness Commitment With Tosca Reno

We are a few months into spring and, as the bug hits us, we start our Spring Cleaning. Cupboards are cleared. Sidewalks swept. Boxes filled with junk and taken to the curb. And finally you get to your own closet. Pulling out old jeans, on a whim, you try them on and realize, they

Summer Weekend Survival Tips

Many of us invest countless hours of time and effort ramping up our workouts and tightening up our nutrition in preparation for rocking a bathing suit, baring our arms in sleeveless tops and showcasing our stems in shorts. But what happens when summer body prep ends and the hot months actually arrive? This time

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