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STRIKE SUGAR True or False

After 14 years of practicing this very same sugar detox myself, I am thrilled my Strike Sugar eBook is now LIVE! I’m blown away by the enthusiasm of those participating and the support and encouragement of one another that I’m already seeing within the community. I’ve received great questions from people who are curious

Welcome to Strike Sugar!

Hello Sisters & Brothers In Iron, In Life and In Learning,


Some people get a buzz from sugar. Not me! I get a buzz from the incredible positive energy people have put forward for my Strike Sugar Challenge. When I sat down to write this, gripped by the idea that I simply HAD to do

Summer Body Workout Pt 4 – Fat Burning

Here we are! The fourth and final instalment in my Summer Body Workout Series. Reading your favourite ways to tighten your abs, glutes and triceps in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter over the last month has inspired me to mix up my own workouts. I’m loving the variety! It’s all about keeping


Good Morning! Care for a slice of love? That’s how I feel when I eat this Eat-Clean® approved paleo loaf, adapted from Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter. Ever since I discovered the recipe my girls and I have been whipping it up, in 5 minutes or less, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Taking on Refined Sugar

I absolutely love that so many people have been talking about sugar lately. The more voices speaking out against the powdery white poison, the louder and clearer the message to the world that it is so very destructive. For years I’ve been saying that refined sugar is so addictive and harmful that it should

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