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Strike Sugar Challenge

5 Eat-Clean Appreciations

The love, encouragement and support I have personally felt and seen between members of Team Tosca during the #StrikeSugarChallenge has set my heart ablaze with the deepest appreciation for you and the wonderful energy you bring to the community. It got me thinking, “what are some Eat-Clean ways to show someone special you appreciate


Today is August 1st, the first official day after the #StrikeSugarChallenge. Just in time for another summer weekend, no doubt filled with loads of reasons to celebrate and 48 hours in which to go crazy with food and drink. Everybody wants to know, “Now what??” I am here to help ward off


TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014

6:25 a.m.
Laying in bed. Eyes open. I hear water. Rain pouring out of sky. Hear dripping sound in gym. Run downstairs and see gym is flooded. Workout not with weights but with water! Breast stroke? Butterfly? Nope, the Shop Vac.

7:00 a.m.
Finally get drink of water – in

Life After #StrikeSugar

We are approaching the end of the #StrikeSugarChallenge. Can you believe how fast these four weeks are flying by? And the success?? It’s astounding and gratifying and absolutely breathtaking!

I’ve received numerous questions about what to do once the Strike Sugar Challenge is over. You have worked so hard, making profound changes over


MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014

6:02 a.m.
Slept like baby. Time for 1 liter water spiked with lemon juice and sea salt = one full bladder!

6:15 a.m.
Empty bladder and other things (ahem) now can weigh self – down 8 pounds. Where was that hiding? Hey! Try on dress for wedding, see if fits

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