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Celebrating Mindfulness

Eating Clean means being mindful of the foods we choose to nourish our bodies with. It means reaching for well sourced, properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods instead of packaged Frankenfoods that do not resemble anything from the earth.
When we eat our energy and take in the goodness of true nutrition, the cells of our

Stacey’s Eat Clean Triumph

I’ve been buzzing off the positivity and energy of connecting with you each day in the Strike Sugar Facebook Group, so receiving an email from Stacey Beers of Rockford, MI, a few days ago about her incredible 13-week Eat Clean transformation was truly the (sugar-free!) icing on the cake of a grand week.
This 38-year-old


Let’s hear from some of our Sisters in Strength, how it went for them as they participated in the Fitness Commitment Challenge. Here, three gals share, in their own words what happened to them and what they’re looking forward to with #FitBoost. Take it away ladies…


When it came to benefits gained from

Support System Check Up

A solid support system can play a huge role in your success once you’ve made the decision to change your life through exercising and eating in a more healthy way. This is why the community aspect of #FitBoost is so dear to me. We see our fellow Sisters and Brothers in Iron repping and

Eat-Clean Diet Success Story – Shirley Rogers

A few weeks ago I shared an inspirational photo of Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador & success story, Shirley Rogers, on my social media pages with all of you. The response to Shirley’s rocking bod at 70 years of age was overwhelming, and you asked to hear more from Shirley. Today she joins us to share

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