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Clean Liquid Treats

1. Soda Alternatives
Did you know the average can of cola (12 fl oz) contains a life destroying 33 grams of sugar? The World Health Organization recommends consuming no more than roughly 25 grams of sugar daily (I recommend even less). Your body hits high levels of stress trying to process the tsunami of sugar

Summer Weekend Survival Tips

Many of us invest countless hours of time and effort ramping up our workouts and tightening up our nutrition in preparation for rocking a bathing suit, baring our arms in sleeveless tops and showcasing our stems in shorts. But what happens when summer body prep ends and the hot months actually arrive? This time

10 Delicious Egg-less Breakfasts

Eggs are nourishing. Eggs are versatile. Eggs are easy. One of my favorite breakfasts is greens sautéed with turmeric in coconut oil with 2 eggs. I can eat the same things every day without getting bored, but sometimes I like to switch it up. Below are 10 sweet and salty egg-free breakfast ideas ideal

10 Strike Sugar Approved Snacks

Whether you’re currently doing my Strike Sugar Challenge or not, everyone can benefit from a few clean, sugar-free snack ideas.
10 Strike Sugar Approved Snacks
When you’re craving something crunchy…4 HOMEMADE SEED CRACKERS* WITH 2 TBSP CLEAN EATING GUACAMOLE
Texture can play a huge role in cravings. When you are searching for that crunch, make a batch


I always say “planning ahead is planning for success”. You create a meal plan and training schedule for the week and stick with it. Sounds pretty simple, right? Easier said than done sometimes!
It can be challenging to carve out time in your busy days to plan your Clean Eating meals for the week. Try

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