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Stacey’s Eat Clean Triumph

I’ve been buzzing off the positivity and energy of connecting with you each day in the Strike Sugar Facebook Group, so receiving an email from Stacey Beers of Rockford, MI, a few days ago about her incredible 13-week Eat Clean transformation was truly the (sugar-free!) icing on the cake of a grand week.
This 38-year-old


Just over fifteen years ago, I was an obese person seeking a lost soul – that MIA soul was me. I had disappeared in a wave of emotional eating that included tubs of ice cream, jars of peanut butter and pounds of cheese. Submerged in that cloud of food, I forgot who

Stand Up for Your Kids!

“… the food industry has really captured our brains and hijacked our brain chemistry and created a nation of food addicts driving obesity.” Dr. Mark Hyman 2014


Foods that are combinations of engineered sugars, man made fats and mineral depleted salts are hijacking us away from health and into disease. Read that again.

Unifying The Family

“Engaging in physical activity as a family can be a fun way to get everyone moving. Studies show that kids who believe they are competent and have the skills to be physically active are more likely to be active. And those who feel supported by friends and families to become active, or surrounded by

Kids & Family – The Fabric of my Life!

Hey y’all! I’m dreaming. What about? I see a future filled with healthy, strong, vibrant people who started out as kids, who are still kids, who are kids in the twinkle of your eye (wink, wink). I’m in love with my kids and why not? My four daughters are the

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