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If February was the month of waiting – waiting for better weather, waiting for a day that I didn’t have to wear 10 layers of clothing, waiting for March – well then March (I waited for it and it came!) is turning out to be a test of patience already. No, I’m not

Journal: Thanks for this day & for you

6:00 am: Alarm goes off. Groan. -27 Canadian freaking cold degrees and I want to stay in bed. Warm there. Maggie hears me, licks my face. “Mom, get up. I have to pee.” Not about me right now. Step out of bed, feel EVERY

#12DaysOfGiving Day 8: Believe in YOU

Everywhere everyone is offering holiday tips to stay out of trouble. Well, aren’t the holidays about getting into a bit of trouble? I hope so. I intend to enjoy my wine, Christmas stollen (my brother made it and I can’t resist)  and turkey dinner with gusto. The season of celebration brings that out in me.



#12daysofgiving Day 4: Book Recommendations

We have reached the digital era. Yes, that is old news. Paper books have been replaced by digital books and suddenly the lifting got easier. Every book you ever loved lives right inside your computer, including some of my favourites.


What I look for in an eBook isn’t necessarily the same as what I look


Forty eight hours of drama and the roller coaster is still on. Things are changing for me and I don’t just mean the weather. As I was driving home from Chicago, where I dropped Kiersten off for her final term at North Western, I had upsetting news that my sister was admitted to hospital

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