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Exercise and diet are part of the answer but there’s more.


It is possible to build wellness in more ways than previously thought.  Although nutrition and exercise are powerful contributors to our state of health, our personality may be our most powerful weapon against the disease of the century, cancer.

Humans are a complex ecosystem, hardwired

CONTRAST – how negative turns to positive and fuels success

Contrast is necessary to teach the value of what we don’t want while honing in on what we do. That is why the negative of pain is a necessary driver to fuel success.  

Contrast can be a polarizing experience.  When contrast comes from purple irises sitting in a vase beside orange poppies, contrast is

FITNESS COMMITTED? 6 Things I learned from Lady Gaga

Are you committed enough to reach your goals? Really! How far? Many of us say we want to get fit. We have even said it as recently as January 1st. Remember that? Sipping that final flute of champagne, it felt exhilarating to imagine a new svelte you, and you believed in the

When the Unexpected Happens

Often life has other plans for you even though yours were on the calendar first. This is the part where you test and develop your flexibility muscles.

I had a powerful experience literally just hours ago. I wanted to support my cleansing activities as I am doing my 4 Week Eat-Clean Diet® Cleanse along with

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10 Tips for More Mindful Self Care

1. Sun loving safety. Soak in the sun’s glorious Vitamin D but minimize your risk for developing skin cancers and premature signs of aging (e.g., fine lines and pigmentation) by limiting your time in the sun and wearing a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and breathable, light-coloured clothing that keeps you covered up when you are

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