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Nix the November 9

10 minutes to keep holiday weight gain at bay

It’s coming!! The holiday season complete with parties, celebratory foods, and more wine and naughty treats than you can dream of, has arrived. Have no fear, the season of merry making may be upon us but the excess pounds don’t have to be. Need


Hello everyone! I am SO excited to share with you my first ever complete fitness and nutrition program! This will all be unveiled in the New Year, just in time for your fitness and health resolutions. I’m thrilled to offer this unique and well-tested plan that comes directly from my own experience and from

#12DaysOfGiving Day 11: Christmas Drinks

Kelsey’s artistry knows no bounds – whether it’s painting, photography, or serving as mixologist – I could not be prouder of the pure creativity and heart she pours into everything she tackles. Day 11 of my #12DaysOfGiving is no different! She has shared six delicious, incredibly festive, quick and easy beverages so Santa can enjoy a more “grown

#12DaysofGiving Day 10: Gym Essentials

Each of us have occasionally had that awful dream where we showed up somewhere “nekked as a jay bird,” meaning we forgot to put our clothes on. That is why one of my workout essentials is gym clothes. Not fun to work out on a flat bench with no pants on! Everything sticks.


Whatever your


If I let myself dream out loud I would be a singer with a voice that could move complete strangers to feel every colour of their emotions. With that voice I would tell people how I feel with the hope that my song would help people feel less alone.


I can only do it with

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