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#12daysofgiving Day 6: Glute Circ-Out

The holidays are a time for all things bright and beautiful, even gorgeous bums. I’m thinking about yours and mine! LOL! Jokes aside, I think a trained and perky bum is everyone’s most stunning decoration and here’s what I am going to be doing to keep mine tight over the holidays.


I have done these

#12daysofgiving Day 5: Maple Syrup Day

Happy National Maple Syrup Day! This natural sweetener is so good for you it requires a Maple Syrup Research Team to capture all the knowledge and who made exciting discoveries about this favourite pancake topping. Lab coated scientists discovered 54 compounds in maple syrup coming from Canada (national pride – for some reason Canadian

#12daysofgiving Day 4: Book Recommendations

We have reached the digital era. Yes, that is old news. Paper books have been replaced by digital books and suddenly the lifting got easier. Every book you ever loved lives right inside your computer, including some of my favourites.


What I look for in an eBook isn’t necessarily the same as what I look

#12daysofgiving Day 3: Food Donation

Hello My Friends in Health and Strength,


As one of my Christmas gives I am motivated strongly to donate to local food banks.  This is pressing to me because increasingly young people, including students and what are called the walking working, are forced to visit food banks for sustenance.  I am thinking right now, not

#12daysofgiving Day 2: Fruitcake Recipe

Fruitcake is not for everyone but I have a confession: I love, love, love fruitcake. Not all kinds, but really good, moist, deeply coloured fruitcakes made with organic dried fruit. My family is into it. I have a brother who prides himself on his recipes and I have to say they are delish. Not

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