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EXERCISING BY PROXY – 7 tips to make the most of every workout

In gyms across North America, exercising is often done by proxy.  Personal trainers and fitness instructors stand in for your own solid engagement in your workout.  If you were asked to repeat the workout you just did, in, for example, a Bobypump® class, many of you couldn’t, not because you don’t care but because

FITNESS COMMITTED? 6 Things I learned from Lady Gaga

Are you committed enough to reach your goals? Really! How far? Many of us say we want to get fit. We have even said it as recently as January 1st. Remember that? Sipping that final flute of champagne, it felt exhilarating to imagine a new svelte you, and you believed in the

FITCOMMIT – 6 Steps to Keep New Year’s resolutions in check

Resolutions. You made them. You kept them.  You broke them.

Here’s how to keep your New Year’s resolutions in check:

STEP 1: Jump into my store and grab yourself a copy of FitCommit – my 4 week program that covers food, training, motivation, recipes and more.  Thousands are doing it and loving the early results. “I’ve


Clean, lean and green recipes from my Fitness Commitment Challenge are on the menu today.  I’m highlighting a few of your favorites, the ones you can’t stop raving about.  The ones that appear in most of your FB and Instagram pics. Where will you find the rest of them? In my fat burning, Fitness Commitment Challenge,


I pre-ordered Fitness Commitment. When will I receive it?

The program is now available for download. [Log into your online account here to gain access now.]  

Is #FitCommit available in hardcopy? Where can I get it?

#FitCommit is currently available in e-format only. It is available exclusively through my online shop. Know that Tosca

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