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EXERCISING BY PROXY – 7 tips to make the most of every workout

In gyms across North America, exercising is often done by proxy.  Personal trainers and fitness instructors stand in for your own solid engagement in your workout.  If you were asked to repeat the workout you just did, in, for example, a Bobypump® class, many of you couldn’t, not because you don’t care but because

My Eat-Clean Kid is Running the Chicago Marathon!

As I get ready to share my Eat-Clean Diet® for Family & Kids with you, I thought this would be a perfect time to catch up with one of my girls. By doing this Q+A with Kiersten, I want to show you the wonders of how growing up Eat-Clean leads to both a sustained

Eat-Clean & Transform Into Your BEST VERSION OF YOU! And Win!

Last week I was super honest with you and shared what it means to be My Best Self. Thank you for your love, positivity & support.

Today I encourage you to Eat Clean and transform into your Best Version of You by joining me in a couple of exciting challenges we have going on. Best of all

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