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FITCOMMIT – 6 Steps to Keep New Year’s resolutions in check

Resolutions. You made them. You kept them.  You broke them.

Here’s how to keep your New Year’s resolutions in check:

STEP 1: Jump into my store and grab yourself a copy of FitCommit – my 4 week program that covers food, training, motivation, recipes and more.  Thousands are doing it and loving the early results. “I’ve


I pre-ordered Fitness Commitment. When will I receive it?

The program is now available for download. [Log into your online account here to gain access now.]  

Is #FitCommit available in hardcopy? Where can I get it?

#FitCommit is currently available in e-format only. It is available exclusively through my online shop. Know that Tosca


 Friends make your workout fast and fun. Grab your gear and get to the gym! Today we give our friends the gift of health and exercise with my Friend Workout. 

A Friend Workout is my Gives #3 gift.  Give the gift of a work out to a friend to boost her day.  Nothing is better

Beauty Product Cleanse

Beauty Product Cleanse


We are focusing so much attention on cleaning out our insides, but it is equally important to clean out your home, medicine and beauty cabinet of toxic products, too.


I could write a book about this and some people have, including fellow Canadian author, Adria Vasil, who has written The Ecoholic Home &

Fitness Commitment With Tosca Reno

We are a few months into spring and, as the bug hits us, we start our Spring Cleaning. Cupboards are cleared. Sidewalks swept. Boxes filled with junk and taken to the curb. And finally you get to your own closet. Pulling out old jeans, on a whim, you try them on and realize, they

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