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10 Tips for More Mindful Self Care

1. Sun loving safety. Soak in the sun’s glorious Vitamin D but minimize your risk for developing skin cancers and premature signs of aging (e.g., fine lines and pigmentation) by limiting your time in the sun and wearing a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and breathable, light-coloured clothing that keeps you covered up when you are

Gratitude is Good Glue to Hold Life Together

6:15 am: What am I doing? I am still under warm covers, not wanting to keep my date with sneakers and gym clothes. Five more minutes. Just five more. It’s so cozy under the covers and that’s where I’m staying for a bit more.
7:00 am: iPhone chirps madly while I


If February was the month of waiting – waiting for better weather, waiting for a day that I didn’t have to wear 10 layers of clothing, waiting for March – well then March (I waited for it and it came!) is turning out to be a test of patience already. No, I’m not

Bunnies & Balls Circuit Workout

I started this morning’s workout with a 15 minute HIITS workout on my mini-trampoline.  I do 100’s of various moves and keep the intensity varied to get my heart going and the blood pumping.

When I am good and warm I move on to the circuit as follows:

Ball Slams:  This is where you take a


There appears to be a trend to taking a summer social media vacation – SMV.  I know I have spent less time involved in Twitter and FB but my vacation was induced by extenuating circumstances forcing me to take a less front and centre position for a time.  I have done that as you

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