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EXERCISING BY PROXY – 7 tips to make the most of every workout

In gyms across North America, exercising is often done by proxy.  Personal trainers and fitness instructors stand in for your own solid engagement in your workout.  If you were asked to repeat the workout you just did, in, for example, a Bobypump® class, many of you couldn’t, not because you don’t care but because

When the Unexpected Happens

Often life has other plans for you even though yours were on the calendar first. This is the part where you test and develop your flexibility muscles.

I had a powerful experience literally just hours ago. I wanted to support my cleansing activities as I am doing my 4 Week Eat-Clean Diet® Cleanse along with

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10 Tips for More Mindful Self Care

1. Sun loving safety. Soak in the sun’s glorious Vitamin D but minimize your risk for developing skin cancers and premature signs of aging (e.g., fine lines and pigmentation) by limiting your time in the sun and wearing a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and breathable, light-coloured clothing that keeps you covered up when you are

A Day if by Food

Monday evening’s thunderous storms delivered early morning clouds and a landscape bathed in otherworldly green. The air, now crisp and clear, vibrated with energy, the kind that makes runners sing because they know temperatures between 36 and 52 degrees F (2 to 11 degrees Celsius) are best for efficiently bringing oxygen to the


Not sure what a good carb vs a bad carb is, and tired of trying to figure it out? Who called them good and bad in the first place? Aren’t they all good? Can I have carbs if I’m dieting? When should I have them and how do I eat them? Are you carb

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