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Outside in my garden, plants are busy growing everything delightful and delicious, from apples on heirloom trees to dependably productive zucchini.  Spring breezes and plentiful rain have given the seedlings a happy start.  Along with the hard work I have put in to amend the formerly clay soil with compost and manure, all conditions

EXERCISING BY PROXY – 7 tips to make the most of every workout

In gyms across North America, exercising is often done by proxy.  Personal trainers and fitness instructors stand in for your own solid engagement in your workout.  If you were asked to repeat the workout you just did, in, for example, a Bobypump® class, many of you couldn’t, not because you don’t care but because

MAY LONG WEEKEND: EAT CLEAN, GREEN & LEAN MENU – that’s fun, easy and fresh

Happy May Long!

It’s officially summer, even if the calendar may not say so yet. Canadians however, are already celebrating the warm months to come with the ritual migration north.  And to make your weekend delicious, here is my welcome summer menu.  My American neighbours can enjoy it too – next weekend during your Memorial


The feeling of being in the right place at the right time, happens, rarely, and when it does, it is magic. This is what is happening with nutrition. Nutrition is trendy. Nutrition is the thing.  Nutrition is the next big thing and we are part of that moment, now.

The UN General Assembly has declared


A letter from your 30 Trillion Cells to You – their owner.

It has been a harrowing season, full of frigid temperatures, exhaust from cars, furnaces, factories and cigarettes. We trillions of cells have been inundated with toxins. You and I need to have a chat about getting healthy. Have you thought about doing a

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