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FITNESS AND VACATION? 8 tips to keep you lean and clean wherever you are.


Vacationing, to mentally reset and take a break from your world, is a much sought after pursuit but it need not imply that you become a sloth.  These 8 tips should keep you within range of being able to wear your skinny jeans, no matter where you hang your bikini, maybe

RIDING THE HEAT WAVES – 10 frozen smoothie recipes to keep you degrees cooler

As temperatures soar, cooked foods lose their appeal while frozen treats reign supreme. Lest we reach for ice cream every time, here are 10 delicious frozen smoothies you can make ahead and freeze.  

Practical and nutritious, each of these is ready to cool your hottest day.  Peaches, mangos, kiwi and more, served up smoothie


Exercise and diet are part of the answer but there’s more.


It is possible to build wellness in more ways than previously thought.  Although nutrition and exercise are powerful contributors to our state of health, our personality may be our most powerful weapon against the disease of the century, cancer.

Humans are a complex ecosystem, hardwired

CONTRAST – how negative turns to positive and fuels success

Contrast is necessary to teach the value of what we don’t want while honing in on what we do. That is why the negative of pain is a necessary driver to fuel success.  

Contrast can be a polarizing experience.  When contrast comes from purple irises sitting in a vase beside orange poppies, contrast is

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