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Reintroduction Further Explained…

Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND, is both an author and a gifted healer. Throughout the Cleanse she has provided support of the greatest magnitude to participants. She has gone even further and written a re-introduction blog post to help us all reintroduce the foods we have not seen for the 4 weeks of the Cleanse.

Beauty Product Cleanse

Beauty Product Cleanse


We are focusing so much attention on cleaning out our insides, but it is equally important to clean out your home, medicine and beauty cabinet of toxic products, too.


I could write a book about this and some people have, including fellow Canadian author, Adria Vasil, who has written The Ecoholic Home &

Reflecting on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day! Another beautiful day to recognize the important women in our lives – your own mother, another mother who mentors and inspires you, your grandmother, a would be mom – your list can be long but it is no doubt filled with women who have had a significant influence on you.



Hello My Friends.

Yesterday I posted a new BLOG using Coconut Oil as a delicious ingredient to a smoothie within the Eat-Clean family. I received many questions about it having saturated fats, being a bad fat and the confusion over the ‘coconut oil craze.’ I get these questions all the time and thought I’d

Kiwi Coconut Citrus Smoothie

As many of you know, I absolutely L-O-V-E coconut oil. I keep a jar of it in every room of the house, especially the bathroom where I use it as a make-up remover, hair and facial moisturizer, teeth and gum cleanser and other ingenious ways that help us sparkle and shine (I must write

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