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Hi Sisters (and Brothers) in Strength,


Just a quick post for you this morning.


I created a new recipe for you last night out of necessity.


I was overloaded with zucchini from my garden and overripe bananas.


Thought this Banana Zucchini Loaf recipe might work for a clean treat over the long weekend.


Click here to download and print

By |September 3rd, 2015|Recipes|15 Comments

PMS PLEASE! Eating Clean and Striking Sugar is key to Back to School Health!

Creating structure and routine increases productivity and happiness.


September looms, with alarming crispness, on the calendar, and many families are busy organizing children for their return to school.  This back-to-school period tends to generate mixed emotions among students and parents alike but the lessons of this yearly migration back to the classroom, after a sun

WEEKEND DINNER PLAN – All New Eat-Clean Recipes Featuring Summer’s Bounty

We are coming to the final weekends of our glorious summer.  Gardens everywhere, including mine, are exploding with their bounty.  What can be done with all that zucchini?  How much kale can you really eat?  And what recipe will best feature these sweet baby potatoes?  Here are SEVEN (7!!) new, Eat Clean® recipes just

11 Stability Ball Exercises to Enhance Your Body Shape

Would you believe me if I say that you could do more exercises on a stability ball than both your toes and fingers combined, multiplied by two? Exercise balls are not just bouncy, pretty balls lying around the gym. Fact — exercising on an unstable surface e.g. fitness balls, gives you that extra umph!

Raising the Bar – The Difference

When looking for inspiration to launch your dreams, where do you go?  Would-be musicians attend concerts, soaking up every detail flashing out of that stage.  Wannabe actors participate in school plays, do local theatre appearances followed up by acting classes and hopefully, roles.  When you, the owner of that human machine called The Body,

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