5 Ways to Improve Performance and Results

Words are powerful.  How we use words, seasons our outlook on life.  Words cut but can also heal. Think about the power of the words, “I love you,” or “I forgive you.”  It occurs to me that choice of words affects us as much as they affect others.

For instance, I am moving house right now.  Moving generates an enormous amount of stress and upheaval.  I frequently catch myself saying, “I’ve got to move.  God I hate moving! It’s so much work!”

After I’ve said that, I realize how negative those words are and how that negativity floods my entire body.  When I think about it a little longer, it hits me that I’m fortunate to have sold the house and can now move on.  When we shed ourselves of the past, we gain the lightness that is needed to move on towards the future.  I felt my attitude shift by changing my words from “hate” to “I can’t wait.”

Certainly moving is hard work.  I have been living in boxes and mayhem for 5 days and still have more to go, because folks, moving day can be chaotic but when a major winter storm hits and your driveway is covered in ice and snow, moving gets even more complicated.



Shifting our words from “have to” and “must,”  and saying them without negativity, flips the switch from playing the victim to one of opportunity.  I hear these phrases all the time when I work with people.  “I have to get to the gym.  I have to train.” These phrases are said with long drawn out sighs worthy of an Oscar.  You know, the “poor me” syndrome.

When you opt for the victim role, you kill your chances for success.  Using negative words only heightens the effect.

Notice the difference when we say, instead, “I am lucky I get to train.  I am lucky I can move on.  I have the ability to do things so I will.”  These phrases are all about positivity and opportunity.  You can’t play the victim using words like that.

The shift in language is a small one but yields massive results.  Stick with words of opportunity every time and watch your success blossom.



Check your language – use positive words

Use the word “opportunity” instead of “have to.” – this lends an aura of possibility

Notice your attitude shift – note how the body changes in response

Practice gratitude – be grateful for the opportunities in this abundant life

Decide to be a Positive Person – assuming the victim role stops all creativity, relationships and abundance

Meanwhile back at the ranch …. my topsy turvy, box filled, messy moving scenario presents itself, even as I write this blog.  As I look around I drink in the memories.  The now bare walls remind me of those happy days when Bob and I built this place together.  Memories play out everywhere.  Happy moments.  Celebrations.  Sadness.  Colour, vibrant and wild, that so perfectly describes Bob and our lives as they once were.  Light flooded windows where we shared the millions of moments that are the Kennedy/Corradetti family.  Textures of wood and stone, marble and glass, and the stuff of living, the textures of the people who lived here.  This is what I see.  I drink it in.

Outside, ice encrusted trees sway in the cool winds that prevail at Caledon House.  They are my diamond trees.  I will always be reminded of the many diamonds I have had here.  My attitude shift is one of gratitude.  I am thankful for the joy that has been my Caledon House.

Make your day one of small shifts towards positivity.  Start with words and follow with feelings, then actions.

Remember, I am always listening.

PS. Please share your attitude shift in the Comments below.  What shift will you make today for a better outcome?