Are you committed enough to reach your goals? Really! How far? Many of us say we want to get fit. We have even said it as recently as January 1st. Remember that? Sipping that final flute of champagne, it felt exhilarating to imagine a new svelte you, and you believed in the dream as soon as the words left your mouth. But when it came down to it, how deeply did you commit? How badly did you want it? Did you mean business?

Committing to anything, whether it is a fitter lifestyle, Eating Clean or being a more loving partner, (hey, maybe that describes you, I don’t know, but why not?), means translating the idea into reality. It means translating thought into action. It means taking action. It means believing so deeply in the cause, it is impossible to consider inertia. Committing means overcoming your inertia willingly, on a daily basis, keeping your beautiful goal firmly in sight as you go. It means holding so firmly to this vision, that NO one and NOTHING will stand in your way.

This takes courage because there are many who would distract you. You’ve heard the old saying, “Your friends want you to be successful but never more than them.” Yes, even the best of friends will endeavor to derail you. But don’t reserve all the blame for them. You need to own some too. We are our own worst enemies. Either of these offensive strikes arise from fear. Fear that you won’t be successful. Fear that it will be uncomfortable, or too hard or impossible to achieve. Yep. All possible. But how much of your life do you want to waste in the waiting?

Consider for a moment, Lady Gaga. She spent several days, along with a lifetime of voice coaching, yoga, fitness and Eating Clean, getting herself prepared for the 2016 Grammy stage where she would perform her next-level David Bowie tribute. Not only did she get inked in the likeness of Ziggy Stardust, she also dressed the part of Bowie’s 1970’s alter ego, getting every detail right, even to the flaming hair. From the minute she arrived on the Red Carpet to the second she walked on stage, you knew she meant business. When she opened her mouth, all was confirmed. Gaga had committed, with every talented cell in her body. She slayed us!

6 Things I learned from Gaga:

1. Focus – Set your goal, with crystal clarity, right from the start. Fill in the blanks on this statement: I want to lose _______________ pounds, and be fitter by _______________ 2016.

2. Want it! Set the goal but want it more than anything else. You will have to want it so badly, not even a glass of wine or your favorite ice cream can stand in your way. Get every detail right, even the wanting!

3. Practice it! Fitness, Eating Clean and all life endeavors must be practiced daily. We don’t get perfect in one go. We work on it every day. Practice until it feels second nature, like Gaga’s penchant for the dramatic feels to her.

4. Execute. Make the plan, have the dream and follow through. Gaga tattooed, sang, practiced and carried out her goal to nail her Grammy 2016, and every other performance, like she meant business. Just saying it, won’t make it happen. You must commit and execute.

5. Revel in the result. Blow your own horn when you achieve results. Even a one inch drop in size is worthy of a Gaga tribute. Own it as she does, fiercely and proudly.

6. Be willing to perform your own transformation, walking on the wild side as you go. Just as Gaga morphs from a meat wearing phenon to a snake adorned vixen, change who you are today, into who you want to be tomorrow. Take courage in your own audacity. This is you!

As author and personal success writer, Napoleon Hill famously said, ““The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help.”
-Napoleon Hill

I can attest to that. Among the many challenges I have faced since Robert passed away, has been the need to sell the family home. It is not an easy house to sell. Bob had a dream about how he wanted it to look – and he did not waver on this. He brought timbers from the outside in. He wanted massive stone components. He wanted folly. He wanted everything on a grand scale and yet to make it feel warm. You have to be a dreamer to love this home. You have to think outside of the box. It is a magical place – those who have been here, know this. But until I committed to being able to let go, I just could not sell the house.

And then magic happened. I recently attended a Women’s Weekend where I learned the value of release and commitment. Through various exercises in forgiveness, journalling, yoga and more, I finally came to a place in my heart where I was ready to commit to the future. Perhaps it was just that I was ready to do it, this time, but once I made the decision to move forward, everything fell into place. Just as Napoleon Hill stated, the act of commitment drew powerful forces of help to me. Within days of yielding completely to selling, the house was sold. I could envision a brighter future, one filled with new plans and opportunities. I no longer felt like a drowning woman trying to swim across the ocean with cement boots around my ankles.

All I did was commit. Now what about you? Are you ready to commit to yourself? There is still time. But one day, time, our most valuable asset, won’t be on your side. Why wait? Visit and get your Fitness Commitment or FitBoost program, at a discounted price, and start now. Your moment of glory awaits.

Remember, I am always listening.

PS. Time to share. What Gaga inspired goal can you visualize for yourself and how will you achieve it? Please share in the Comments section below.