Hello, how are you?
It’s so typical of us to talk about our resolutions, I’m sorry.
I hope that you’re well
And sticking to your newly made fitness commitments.
But it’s no secret that the both of us are running out of time. (Thanks Adele)

Fitness and health resolutions have a way of making you curse, much like someone driving while texting, slowing up your progress. Wait, is that a crashing sound I hear? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m sharing a little Eat-Clean Diet® Fitness Commitment progress today, just to spread the love on this bloody cold, wintery, dark, “why am I getting up at the crack of stupid?”, @#$ing workout morning. We could all use the healthy love right?

5:30 am
Dog is growling, at what, I don’t know. It’s black as night out there and my eyes are still closed!

5:35 am
Okay! Okay! I’m up. Now Maggie is barking. I let her out and she is off like a shot, heading into the frigid outdoors. I’m going back to bed. NOTT!!

My Lower Body Workout #1 and Ab Circuit, from my Fitness Commitment Challenge, are on deck today. And while I am in the gym, I am working on increasing my cardio and creating a new workout routine. Time to get busy.

6:00 am
I’m in the gym, watered, pre-workout snack in belly, Beleza Brazil squat pants and jog bra on, ready to go. Yes, it is dark. Yes, it is bloody freezing out there. Yes, I’m barely awake. Who cares? Is that you whining? Cheer up, it will get worse.

6:05 am
Start with a cardio warmup for 10 minutes on the treadmill. Put it on a minimum incline of 1%, or more if you want the challenge. Crank the speed and go. With a little help from Spotify and a playlist or two, 10 minutes is over before you know it.

What’s playing in my head? Here is where I talk to myself. I think about what my end goal is. I visualize it. I take no $#i+ from anyone, certainly not myself. I stare myself down in the mirror and push. Go for it girl. Use your “take no prisoners” approach.

6:15 am
Move over to mini-trampoline and put myself through a 30 minute circuit. Progress check – am I out of breath? Hold on a sec, got to catch my breath. As I spend more time on the rebounder, I find I can go longer and sweat earlier. These are good outcomes. It’s a way to measure if I am working hard enough.

6:45 am
Upper Body Workout #1 in progress. So you think the basic bent over dumbbell row is too easy? Any exercise is as easy or challenging as you make it. I make it hard by increasing my weights, reps and sets and by shortening rest time. Oh, and by putting my mind into it. I’m not just dangling weights off the end of my arms, I’m thinking about the muscles I am working and I work them. Can you feel your lats, rhomboids, rear delts, traps, and biceps? Check!

7:45 am
Circuit complete. Abs trashed thanks to some serious crunch, V-sit and plank work. When I do planks, I like to make it harder by putting my feet on a stability ball, hands on the floor. It takes a lot of stabilizing action on the part of your core to remain in place. Plank away my friends! I set a timer for a warm up 60 seconds, then go for 90 and 120 second planks. Out of breath? Check? Abs challenged? Check. Feeling shaky? Check.

8:30 am
Working on a new workout for an upcoming challenge. Tested the exercises and weights and feeling exhausted. I may have cussed once or twice. My legs are shaking – they feel like Jell-o. It’s going to be hard to walk up the stairs tomorrow for sure.

8:35 am
Recording my work in my training journal. Did I push past my limit? Yes. Did I increase the weights I was using? Where I felt ready to, yes. Was I present at all times? I mean, yes physically but mentally too. There!!

9:00 am
Second breakfast. Time to fill up on complex carbs and whole eggs cooked in turmeric and coconut oil. Perfect clean fuel for a post workout meal. I love the Eat Clean lifestyle for helping me find my best self and yours too.

Taking you through Fitness Commitment training, I’m hoping to inspire you to stick to the plan. Grab a friend and join in. If you are looking for an additional two weeks of training and nutrition to help you stay on track and ramp up your results, then sign up for my Fit Boost plan. It’s all there in one place built to push you through February and closer to spring. Menus, training, recipes, support, journals and love.

See you there.
I am always listening.