Commitment to your goals, is like putting gas in your car. Without that rip roaring fuel to drive it, you will stall. Get moving again by joining my Fitness Commitment Challenge today.

January is the time we commit to achieving venerable goals, often those we wanted to get to last year, but didn’t. We set such resolutions as tackling new accomplishments, banishing old habits and eating better, yet 60% of us will fail, some as early as before the month is over. While weight loss and getting fit, rank as the top resolutions, what prevents us from sticking to our best intentions?

One reason our resolutions drain away, is the way in which we communicate them. Often it is the language we use that is the biggest barrier to achieving success. Simply saying “I want to lose weight,” is radically different than saying “I will work on losing 10 pounds so I can look good for my daughter’s wedding.” The former won’t even get you out of the driveway while the latter has results written all over it.

Be specific about your resolutions. Wanting to, and trying to make change, are dramatically different statements with opposing intentions. State your goal, give it a name and be clear about the results you expect to attain.

When it comes to weight loss, though we may wish fervently to lighten up, scales in North America climb steadily upward. Obesity rates globally could reach as high as 50% in less than two decades! This despite the fact that “Most of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.” quote from the WHO.

Making the weight loss resolution stick, is as complicated and as simple, as grasping the fact that it requires two activities to yield results;

1. changing your nutrition from “dirty” to “clean” and

2. exercising more. Once we commit to doing both, at the same time, you are far more likely to accomplish success in achieving the end goal – weight loss.

Getting fitter, the second most common resolution, while a laudable goal, proven out by the surge in attendance at fitness and health clubs everywhere, is another enormous challenge. In the early months of the New Year, health clubs are bursting with well intentioned fitness seekers however, the pursuit doesn’t appear to hold its’ appeal past March. The stalling point is often a busy life that conflicts with your best intentions.

Increase the chances of your success by holding yourself accountable. Those who chart, write down, monitor and track their daily exercise efforts, are 50% more likely to be successful in their efforts. The phenomenon here is referred to as the Hawthorne Effect – where we tend to try harder when we think someone is watching.

Before I discovered and implemented the Eat-Clean Diet®, I was wandering aimlessly in a desert of diet options. The oasis was there in the distance, but the path to it was littered with fad diets delivering little satisfaction. I went from 204 pounds to 120 pounds, up again to 165 and then down again. I was thirsty for the solution, until learning how to Eat Clean. Now it’s a lifestyle way of eating that has helped me manage my weight, health and happiness. I wouldn’t go back to my old ice-cream eating ways if you paid me.

What’s your solution? Join the Fitness Commitment Challenge. This 4 week program resolves your stalled resolution problems by providing the fuel needed for success. In it you will find a 4 week structure to get your eating and training back on track. There are 4 weeks of menu plans, recipes, exercises and related videos, supplement information and motivation. As for accountability, find it in the private FaceBook page where FitCommit members share progress, frustrations, failures and triumphs, like one big happy family. Accountability is there in spades amongst the members, as well as myself, because I check in on a daily basis. It’s my favorite part.

I’m challenging you to restart your engines, get back on the road and join in the Fitness Commitment fun. You will experience results. That I can promise you.

See you there!
Eat Clean for Health and for Life.

PS. What resolutions did you make this year? Are you still sticking with them? Share your comments with me in the Comments below. I can’ wait to hear from you.

PSS. Here’s a circuit just for you from my Fitness Commitment program. Have a blast!

To circuit these exercises, complete one set of each exercise and move on to the next without rest. Go as fast as you while maintaining proper form. Even a routine like this one using basic exercises, can be as challenging as you wish to make it.

bent over dumbbell row, 10 reps, 4 sets
Stability ball shoulder press, 12 reps, 4 sets
Dumbbell biceps curl, 12 reps, 4 sets
Triceps dumbbell kickbacks, 10 reps, 4 sets
Chest flyes on stability ball, 10 reps, 4 sets