Resolutions. You made them. You kept them.  You broke them.

Here’s how to keep your New Year’s resolutions in check:

STEP 1: Jump into my store and grab yourself a copy of FitCommit – my 4 week program that covers food, training, motivation, recipes and more.  Thousands are doing it and loving the early results. “I’ve lost 7 pounds in 1 week!” says one excited participant. You are already on my site – you don’t have much further to go.

STEP 2: Dress like you mean it.  Put your fitness clothing beside your bed, shoes and all.  When your alarm pierces your ears, you won’t have to fumble to get ready.  I love Beleza Brazil workout wear. Been wearing it every day since I discovered it.  Cute Squat Pants make you look like a pro and feel like a dream.

STEP 3: Use your Wake Well from Well&Company energy drink to pump up your sweat session.  You made it to the gym, might as well make it count.  I am on fire with it, and lost without it.

STEP 4: Follow through.  Once you have made the date with gym, keep it. Put it on paper to increase your chance of success by 50%. I’m in!  You’re in!

STEP 5: Chase a workout with Eating Clean.  No imposters will do. Load up with leafy greens (really load up on this), complex carbs, protein and fat and lover your new body, your revitalized health.

STEP 6: Be accountable! Share your story on the FitCommit private FB page – the truth will set you free.

Now I’m off to sweat – it’s for my brain as well as my body.

Remember, I am always listening!

Tosca Reno