It’s time for a 2015 activity recap of Eat Clean and Tosca Reno events.  This year has been so busy! Check out three of the top ECD and TR events held this year. After you’ve rung in the New Year, champagne and all, please be sure to visit often for more exciting news and happenings.  Believe me! Things are happening!

  1. Women Who Influence with canfitpro


What do you get when mix a group of feisty and fit women, driven to make powerful positive change, with a microphone and a stage? Sparks and connections! I’ve been fortunate to have participated in every one of the Women Who Influence events, thanks to Maureen Hagan, someone I call both a friend and mentor.  Be sure to join us in 2016 for the next event and find out how to get switched on too.

Don’t forget to join me for the amazing new Eat Clean Foundations course powered by canfitpro.  Study the original, the one and only Eat Clean program.




The Holistic Approach – where I get to talk about what I love best. Find out what it is.

One Eat Clean fan was so hooked on the lifestyle, she arranged for me to travel to LA to work with some of the biggest names in the TV and motion picture industry.  Thank you Karen!!  Here is the result.  You can listen to the clip of the panel in which I participated and let me know what you think. Next year, why not join in the fun?

Holistic Approach


  1. The Eat-Clean Evolution with Tosca Reno on @DrCarriD #Podcast! Check out here 


I always enjoy the opportunity to spread the word about my passion and purpose in life – Eating Clean.  This radio interview combines another passion, radio! I love that venue for communicating with you.  I hope you enjoy tuning in.



That’s it for now everyone. Much more to come in 2016!

Love and hugs,

Tosca Reno

PS. Don’t forget to update me on your happenings. I want to know. Fill up my COMMENTS section below. You know I will answer. xo