Food is a celebrated element of the holiday season, from the long awaited sighting of the first Starbucks red cup to the appearance of stollen, fruitcake, festive cookies and more. The crowning glory is the holiday meal with a star appearance made by the grand turkey itself, which seems to capture the grandness of the time of year so well. Food as sustenance and as a gift, is both a necessity and an indulgence, one I fully embrace throughout the holidays.


Giving the gift of food is one of the most cherished ways I know, to tell someone I care about, how much I care.  This is further heightened by spending time preparing special foods for those special people.  It begins with making my very moist, very lovely, Holiday Fruitcake,  which breaks existing cliches of dry and dusty fruitcake! It continues with making pate, jams, jellies, cookies, chocolate treats and more.  Time spent in the kitchen preparing food gifts, further satisfies me since the entire process of sourcing, buying and creating these foods, feels very much like feeding my soul while feeding others. I take great pride in sourcing quality ingredients, exotic spices and time tested recipes.  It makes me feel that I am doing something good for someone else.


So this year, give the gift of food for the holidays.  Don’t wait until the big day.  Give gifts of foods you have lovingly prepared, throughout the festive weeks.  Drop a loaf of Paleo bread and a jar of apple butter off to a friend.  Bake biscotti and package up a dozen or two for loved ones.  My sister bakes the best shortbread, so I can’t wait until she delivers her dozens to me.  It should be very soon now.  For a special someone, fill a basket of Eat Clean staples, including a variety of nut and seed butters, oils and vinegars, nuts, legumes and a lovely hand written recipe.  If you know someone is struggling to get through the holidays because they are lonely, visit their home and offer to make a meal for them with beautiful ingredients you have purchased.  A dear friend of mine is in that very position and I will be heading over to her sunlit kitchen shortly to make my favorite and very nourishing stew, In a Canadian Stew.  You can find the recipe in my Holiday Survival Guide here, and make your own delicious version.  The Holiday Survival Guide is my gift to you – it’s completely complimentary.  


I have to run now because I am making my own homemade pate, a treat I find absolutely delightful.  I might be making some gingerbread too!  Speculaas, the ultimate Dutch holiday treat, is one of my favorites. I just have to go and make some now.


Enjoy your day. Love your friends. Love your kitchen and give food.  Don’t forget to fill up the food bank for those in need.  I dropped off a carton of canned goods at my friend’s house where she was collecting donations for The Exchange.  Food banks are in desperate need at this time of year so be as generous as you can.  


Happy Holidays my friends.

Warm hugs all around.