“Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.” Rich Warren author of Purpose Driven Life

Numerous things in life are deemed valuable; the iconic painting of the Mona Lisa, diamonds, a kiss from a loved one, health, possessions and family.  However the most valuable thing you possess, yes you, right now, is TIME.  How we use our time has a massive impact on the outcome of our lives.  Imagine waiting for years to finally spring into action to lose weight, Eat Clean or exercise.  Imagine waiting until the final hour to save money for your future.  What if you waited until a loved one was on their deathbed to tell them you loved them?  Each of these is fruitless, even desperately empty, when considered against the backdrop of a moment spent in pure joy with a friend or loved one.

I love this concept of sharing rich, abundant time with someone you care about.  Time truly is the most valuable resource we own and one we all own equally, in the same volume, so we are on an equal playing field when it comes to this most valuable resource.  That means we are all equally rich in this asset.  This should give us plenty of hope during the Holiday Season when the pressure to GIVE weighs upon us heavily.  Since our wallets are full of time, why not consider spending that most valuable resource with those you love.  Giving TIME does not drain you economically but it fills you spiritually.  It is, in effect, the perfect gift.

I propose that for the annual Holiday Gives event, which is rolling out now in my gorgeous community, we find an hour in our day, or as many days as you can, to spend with a loved one, family member, friend or someone in need, even a complete stranger.  This gift of the bounty of your time given to someone else, is more rewarding to both giver and receiver than any beautifully wrapped present could ever be.  Imagine if you visited a home for the aged and spent an hour of your time with one of the residents?  Many elderly people have no one to spend time with, living out their days in unimaginable sadness and loneliness.  Bring flowers, make a cup of tea, hold someone’s hand, make a puzzle, go for a walk or just chat with someone who lives alone, someone who needs your presence to warm up their day.  Visit a hospital and do the same. It makes a world of difference and it costs nothing but is more precious than any other gift ever could be.

Not sure how to begin?  What are you good at?  Can you share your particular talent with someone, perhaps teaching them how to use a computer, tie a scarf, wrap a present, make bone broth, create a flower arrangement.  Think of your special gift and share it openly and abundantly with one, two or more people.  When we teach we leave a legacy. The memory will live on forever, filling your heart and theirs.  You can never get more TIME, and you can never recapture the TIME you’ve spent but you can make it count.


I am always listening.

Tosca Reno

PS. I want to hear how you will spend time with someone else this Holiday Season, to help make their day/life better.  Post your story in the Comments section below.

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