The no panic, no money, all fun way to celebrate the season.

Giving is a natural expression of loving and caring for those who matter most to you.  We can give to friends and family but we can also give to those we have never met because our hearts want to make a difference beyond those we know – charities, foundations, hospitals and more. Often we are overcome with the pressure of giving throughout the holidays however, because we are overwhelmed, financially strained, don’t have the time or are emotionally overburdened.  We don’t want to be Grinches so how should we overcome our Ghosts of Christmas Past?


The answer is my Annual Gives event.  The main reason I run the Holiday Gives event throughout the month of December is to take the stress out of giving and to have loads of fun with you.  I am excited to be doing it again – Tosca Reno’s Third Annual Gives. If you are new to the Tosca Reno Eat Clean lifestyle you will enjoy discovering how to give without breaking the bank. If you are already in the know, you will share in the merry making.  There are gifts to be made, ideas to share, a song to sing and prizes.


Over the course of next few weeks, starting December 1st to 24th of December, I will be sharing 8 Holiday Gives with you.  Visit my site often for surprise giveaways, fun festive DIY gifts, special moments and more.  I am looking forward to sharing this time with you and getting to know you better because, frankly, I need it. I have become somewhat haunted by the events of the past weeks and want to return to a positive energy place.  Let’s do it together and put the warmth back into giving.


I’m kicking things off with my HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE – 28 brand new recipes to help you navigate meal time during the hectic holiday season.  When time is tight this is the one question I want to have answered and if I can help you by giving you 28 simple, delicious and Clean recipes, it makes me very happy.  I’ve done just that.  The recipes are filled with health, clean ingredients and love.


Download your PDF now.  I kept it simple so you could just hit download and print.  Or save to your Desktop and view at your leisure.  Have yourself a merry little holiday!


Warm hot chocolate laced hugs and a bucket full of festive spirit,

Tosca Reno

Oh by the way!  What I will need from you are your wonderful, whacky and warm ideas for giving.  I can’t wait to hear all about them. Please share in the comments section below or by using #trimgives when you post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.