10 minutes to keep holiday weight gain at bay

It’s coming!! The holiday season complete with parties, celebratory foods, and more wine and naughty treats than you can dream of, has arrived. Have no fear, the season of merry making may be upon us but the excess pounds don’t have to be. Need a super fast exercise plan to keep you out of trouble? This little elf has been working late to create a 10 minute, fit-it-in-any-time-of-day, routine to get your sweat on and keep your waist tight.


I think about YOU all the time! I ponder over how I can help you, how to make life easier and healthier, how to take some pressure off and keep you lean and well no matter how busy your schedule. I thought of how little time we put aside to work out and yet how much better we feel when actually do work out. Thinking of my community and hearing how much you want to be your best, I’m happy to give you, give you, give you, a little cutie of a routine that won’t hurt and will make ten minutes fly by with good old exercise fun.


If you are a bit like me, you know your crankiness level goes way up when you are stressed with festive tasks, mistle-toeing and ho-ho-ho-ing. I’ve stood in my kitchen elbow deep in cookie dough, thinking to myself, “If I don’t get out of here and get busy in the gym, I will blow up!” The next thing you know, I’m making a run for the weights and pretty soon I’m feeling twinkly and happy again. It doesn’t take much to get your happy on when you listen to what your body needs.


Here is your 10 minute Nix the November 9 (the average pounds we tend to gain in holiday season) super fast workout, just subscribe to my newsletter to get it now:



Enjoy your sweat session and know I am going to be doing it too!


Perform this little gem of a workout whenever the urge overtakes you. Anyone can find 10 minutes early in the morning or right after dinner. Ten minutes! That’s it! They are yours and you will feel better for it and will be able to handle the many pressures of the festive season better too. Cheers to you!


Love and gratitude.
Eat Clean for Health and for Life.