A recap of the most amazing four weeks of our Eat Clean career!



Wow! That is the easiest way for me to sum up this Cleanse experience. As a naturopathic doctor, I work with people, one-on-one, every single day to help them achieve their optimal health. Often, it can be a struggle to work through the many lifestyle changes that need to be made, and obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals. To have a group of a few thousand people participating whole-heartedly in this experience has been remarkable. You dove in without hesitation (well, maybe some hesitation)! Incredible! There were some questions along the way (which we are always happy to answer, by the way), but ultimately, you gave it your all and are now feeling incredible. It really does warm my heart to hear you all speaking of the benefits you’ve noticed – clear skin, reduced joint pain, better sleep, regular bowel movements, more energy, and the list goes on. What you’ve discovered with your willingness is how wonderful you can feel, and how very important foods are in your life experience. Eating is something we have to do each day, so we might as well do it the right way so we can feel our best. I really do encourage you to experience the Reintroduction Plan so you can have total clarity around which foods are problematic for you. It’s empowering to know that your best health lies in your kitchen and in your hands. Thank you for trusting us to guide you along this journey. Hurray!


Dr. Rachel Corradetti


This Cleanse was about something more than Eating Clean and jettisoning our toxic burdens. You may have noticed that Rachel and I were on a steep learning curve beginning with guiding you through the particulars of executing the cleanse to managing health concerns to recalculating recipes. We spent countless hours answering questions, clarifying details and loving every minute of it, even if it meant we didn’t sleep much.


Another surprising discovery is how willing this Eat Clean community was to work together. It’s really astonishing to experience it from our point of view but also from yours, I’m sure. Think about it! Thousands of you from all over the world – Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, the UK, Canada, the United States and more – came together for 28 days to work as a sisterhood for the good of each other. This is an outcome none of us expected but all of us benefited from greatly. When we work as a team this way the positive energy fairly jumps from the computer screen and abundant success is practically guaranteed. A sisterhood of health is born. Friendships are born.


Something else revealed itself. Rachel and I struggled during the first week. This was clear. There were errors too many to be ignored in our offering and we had to take our lumps. It was horrible for us. We pride ourselves on being proficient in our skills from doctoring to writing. There was a glitch – the wrong document was released to you, one that had not been properly edited. We suffered mightily over this failure.


But there was a lesson in this, one that will change forever how I go forward with building any of my plans. Here it is: amidst the many beautiful community members present on the Cleanse Facebook page, a few of you came forward with strategies to help us create a more perfect final product. You volunteered your expertise and we welcomed it. You will see the results of this put to work in the Spring Cleanse. In short, we experienced a challenge, learned from it and are putting those lessons to work even now. Thank you for your patience with us.


As I progressed through the four weeks of the Cleanse, my own personal response was somewhat more than I expected and I certainly did not have a standard cleanse experience. For the first two weeks I was quite ill and lived on Bone Broth only. It helped. I healed and went on with the Cleanse. I stopped drinking coffee and expected to die! I really did. But I survived and even thrived and I’m pleasantly surprised. I now love Dandy Blend. During my Cleanse I also undertook some supporting practices, including Epsom salts baths and lymphatic drainage massage. During both, I did a lot of letting go of emotions/crying. Yes, I cried a lot these last 4 weeks. I’m tired now but feel as if something has shifted emotionally and as a result I can now move forward. You should also know that a great deal of my life energy has shifted. I have an offer on my house, my work team is changing and I am learning to accept help from others. Those who know me well, know this is a massive shift for me.


I will also now announce that during this Cleanse, I further learned that I no longer have a relationship with Oxygen and Clean Eating magazines, as the new publishers saw fit to dissolve it. My heart aches for losing my role there. My career was essentially born in those magazines and to lose my place, due to publishing constraints, feels like losing a piece of my soul, yet I know I must grow and grow I will. Whatever I expected from this Cleanse, it has far surpassed my expectations and I accept every one of them because in this acceptance, I am embracing the next new chapter of my life.



I can’t wait to see what reveals itself to me during the Juice Cleanse. And by the way, I know many of you are wondering what next steps are after completing this Cleanse. I have thought of that!


Here are your options:


  1. 5 Day Juice Cleanse 
  2. Re-introduction
  3. 5 Day Juice Cleanse followed by the Re-introduction protocol
  4. Strike Sugar Challenge 
  5. Fitness Commitment 
  6. FitBoost
  7. Stay tuned for my complimentary gifts to help you survive the holidays. There are 2. One is an awesome 10 minute workout circuit for you to avoid gaining the November Nine and the other is your Eat-Clean Diet® Holiday Survival Guide – 21 recipes to make dinner time a cinch during the hectic season.


Thank you everyone; every sister, friend, aunt, daughter, mother, relative, grandmother, teacher, guide and lover. Your faith in me makes what I do a joyous pursuit, one to which I dedicate my entire life.



I am always listening.

Tosca Reno



“Just finishing off the third week of the cleanse. Feeling good and this week went fast. Happy to say that had a follow up with my doctor this week who was blown away on all the results of my blood work. Everything was down in spades and she was more excited than me.”


Not sure if my glow is a result of the cleanse or the birth of my first granddaughter. She wasn’t due to arrive until the end of the cleanse…I’ve actually lost more pounds than she weighs. Life is great.


My Osteopath said to me today “your energy is feeling very vibrant. It has a lot more potency….how long are you on the cleanse now?” =)))) Woo hoo! 2.5 weeks in and well on my way to nailing my goal of cleansing myself of psychic and physical garbage so that I may be healthy, VIBRANT, present and strong. thank you Tosca Reno and Rachel Corradetti-Sargeant


I just want Tosca Reno and the docs to know that although some “Cleansers” became frustrated, I simply dealt with it and didn’t find the mistakes futile. In any case, today I finally downloaded the revised version of the Cleanse and the bonus super foods ebook. Yay!!! You have gone beyond my expectations with your concern and engagement in our group and for that, I thank each and every one of you ladies. I follow several health/fitness “gurus” on social media but quite honestly, your approach has always resonated with me and this Cleanse has brought me back to you and Clean Eating.


I have lost about 4lbs. (not much and that’s OK), my skin is glowing and I no longer get that bloated feeling. Smooches and Thank you thank you thank you.


Cleanse complete! I am most proud that I actually completed something. Although this cleanse became easier with time! I can’t say it’s complete…it’s only beginning. I have SHUT DOWN sugar cravings so now I am too afraid to go back! I feel too awesome and I am finally in control of my food. Have a fabulous day! I’m going to the gym! ?


Hello everyone!! I have to say that this is the first time in years that I have changed my diet and am staying on it without feeling deprived. The reason I started this cleanse is because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I love that this cleanse eliminates everything that I’ve needed to so I can find my root cause of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. The reason I stay on it is because I am feeling great!! My energy is up, my abdominal bloating has decreased, and I love the food. One of the doctors I work with said why are you doing this? You won’t be able to keep eating this way when the cleanse is over, but I disagree. For one thing my goal isn’t to stay at such a strict diet but to trial the foods that have been eliminated for a few days to see what kind of reactions I have to them. Once I’ve figured that out I will be able to stick with it because Tosca and Rachel have given us the tools to do so. I am so happy that I decided to do this cleanse and can’t wait to see what the end result is. I am so excited about the way I feel that nothing is tempting me. Thank you!!


I’ve been waiting for this day for 7 months. Had my 2nd set of labs done since starting this journey and my physician was “blown away.” BP went from 137/91 to 127/84; 199 lbs to 174; she took “obese” from my current record and offered to take Pre-diabetic off the record, too, if I “keep doing what I’m doing.” Triglycerides are much improved but cholesterol needs more attention. I just about did the happy dance in the office. The thought that “I should treat myself!” popped into my head so I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans and then made an Apple Pie Smoothie. 55 and getting healthy! BTW ~ I could not have done this without Strike Sugar Challenge and Eat Clean Diet Cleanse. Thank you Tosca! Rachel!


One thing I notice every morning when I wake up…no more stiff joints… Also, I don’t get very sore from my strength training either. This is good. I think this super clean eating is doing my body good


On the home stretch!! Just finished up week 3 and I am feeling FABULOUS!!!!! I am sleeping better than I have in YEARS! No more hot flashes, no more waking up drenched in sweat! No more tossing and turning. I wake up in the morning feeling GREAT!! I have clearer thinking and more energy. The bloating and puffiness is all gone! I decided this week that I am going to continue eating this way long after we are finished! In total I am down, 10 lbs, 5.75 inches and 3.7% body fat. That means when I started I had 20.2 lbs of excess body fat and now I have 10.7 lbs of excess! Eating this way has preserved my muscle mass and put me into full blown fat burning mode! My hydration has gone from 50.5% to 52.9%. Again meaning this is all fat loss, not so called Water Weight…as my hydration has increased! Keep on this great journey ladies! Your health is worth it!


I haven’t felt that bad since I first started eating clean in June. Jumped right back into the cleanse on Thursday. When I woke up this morning I was excited and nervous to hop onto the scale, but am really happy with my results. Ive lost 3.6 pounds and a total of 3 inches! ( my 1st weeks weight was 236.2 not 236. I’m giving myself credit for losing that 0.2 pounds. LOL). Everyone have an awesome 2nd week!


I so appreciate how Tosca’s recipes in the Strike Sugar program and now in the Cleanse program incorporate season-available foodstuffs, and that the types of meals reflect what our bodies desire this time of year, whether we are conscious of this or not. I think Tosca and her associates might really be onto something; observing the earth’s rise and fall through the seasons, and applying that model to us, our bodies – each of us experiencing this 30-day cleanse within the context of our own cycles. Transitions are often rough times, both through the seasons, and within our own natures. I’m writing this now mostly to remind myself aloud to honor this tumult, to be patient with and to trust the process, and to hold myself with grace. Even when I’m cussing in the cold shower! So thanks to you all for voicing your kind/frustrated/amusing/bewildered/helpful thoughts, and for allowing me space to voice mine! And thank you to Tosca Reno and your team for your vision and your efforts, I am stoked on the journey! Xox c


Omg I’m doing the happy dance. I’m down 10.9 lbs. I know a lot is water weight the first couple weeks but right now I’m so happy.


Day four- yes I’ve spent a few days in the kitchen, but this has not been challenging in the least! What could possibly be any better than eating healthy gourmet food and walking my pooch everyday?? My only complaint is that tonight i flew to work with about 75lbs of food in my bag!! I may be living on the lighter fare of chocolate power balls and hemp hearts by the end of this month!!


Congratulations to everyone starting the cleanse today!!! You are in for an incredible journey! Relax, trust the process and enjoy the journey. This is a journey to reset your body, your mind and your soul! I have just completed week 2 and I am feeling FABULOUS! Week 1 I followed the meal plan as laid out in the book. I found I had a lot of left overs after week 1, so I picked a couple of new recipes for week 2 and mixed and matched them to use up on my leftovers!! I am feeling FABULOUS!!! I’m getting the hang of this eating process which is making meal prep easier as I go along. I am sleeping like a 6 month old baby! LOL!! I started sleeping through the night at day 3 and the sleep just keeps getting better. Before I started the cleanse, I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night. Night sweats are GONE, no more tossing and turning! I feel energized, no more foggy thinking and I haven’t had a headache. Again…I had been getting headaches and migraines on a regular bases before I started! This weekend I was enrolled in two Intensive Training Workshops — a Tabata Bootcamp and a TRX Functional Training Course. I was a little worried with the amount of exercise incorporated in these workshops, but I had lots of energy to power through. Now for my results — I’m starting to get my girly figure back…I’m down a total of 10 lbs, 5.25 inches and 2.8% body fat!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!! That means that my excess body fat went from 20.2 lbs to only 12.2 lbs. I’m so excited! I haven’t weight this little or felt this great in YEARS!! Thank you Tosca!


Welcome to all who are starting today! I have my two week results for you. I lost ANOTHER 3.6 lbs! Total is 7.2 lbs for two weeks! I’m sleeping better and I have more energy overall. My best advice is to prep meals!


Tosca Reno just wondering if you will be doing a spring cleanse? Loving this cleanse and don’t want it to end because I’ve learned so much, improving my health, feel fantastic, feeling joy in my life again as I approach menopause and because I LOVE this support group!!! ❤ let us know ??


Week four!!! 3″ less plus the already 8″=11″ for this clean eating bod! I feel its time to reflect on the past three weeks and now prep for the weeks after this one is complete. This group has been an amazing support! There was one time (during this month) that I found myself about to jump off the clean eatin’ wagon and into the mud. It actually made me realize that I feel this way at the same time EVERY month! So I grabbed my phone and started reading all of your glorious posts and it did give me the power to step away from the all consuming monster I was about to turn into, acknowledging that I am in control, not anxiety or emotions, or hormones, just me. So, thank you all for the help, suggestions and abundance of support!! Xx


I have not posted much, but I want to thank you all. Tosca Reno for putting together a plan that allows me to pick and choose meals rather than trying to break free of old habits without a support to hold on to. I am not following the plan to the letter because I am trying to feed my whole family so I am throwing in some family favourites that fit the plan, but love having all these new recipes to pull from. And thank you to all of you. I have a long history of trying to make big changes and doing really well for the first week and a half and then the instant feedback of sugar or coffee when I am tired wins out or I just am tired of trying to get my picky kids to eat what I am serving. Knowing you all are here doing this too, and knowing we all have or good moments and trying moments gives me the strength to keep going. Honestly I took an anti-inflammatory diet course six months ago but I could never bring myself to do the elimination portion so I could figure out what my issues were until this challenge came along. I am feeling so great that I am not even in a hurry to reintroduce many of the foods, but I will do it carefully, with lots of attention to what my body is telling me. Thank you to everyone on this challenge


Just went jean shopping b/c mine were falling off & bought 3 sizes smaller whoot whoot!!!!


I have had a really stress filled week…basically every thing that could go sideways did….and the hits keep on coming. I almost caved today and got a sugar loaded treat – the main thing that stopped me is knowing that I would feel like poo poo shaboo if I ate it. Translated into a wicked leg day at the gym and a really good soccer game. Long way of saying THANK YOU Tosca Reno and Rachel Corradetti-Sargeant for this cleanse!! I would have lost all the positive ground I had gained. I read a quote somewhere that said Failure is a trickster and always shows up right when success is at hand ? so that’s my positive thought xo ladies.


First and Foremost I would like to thank Tosca Reno for the Superfoods Book. I just looked through it and can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Secondly, I ignored my garden all summer, I was in a bad place mentally and couldn’t get motivated to do anything, to my surprise, the Kale and Swiss Chard survived!! I have about 6 plants thriving and our bellies can’t wait to peel away at the leaves. I just started the Cleanse, I was waiting for the revised edition, and low and behold I already feel less bloated, loving the green smoothie, made power balls & my husband can’t keep his hands away from them. Funny how things are, I had the knowledge (I buy every book out there in regards to health) I even have an Infrared Sauna, which I stopped using, I just didn’t know how to incorporate it. Tosca Reno has made life a little easier & with FB group keeps me going. Thanks everyone and I am glad I am on this journey. Have a great day everyone!!


Oh my goodness the seed crusted broccoli is the BEST I’ve ever tasted! I must say, as a non-cooker, I have cooked more in the past two weeks than I have in a year! And it feels good. I feel empowered! Can’t believe it’s day 17 already! I was even in Arizona for a conference for 5 days and packed extra nuts, snuck in some kale soup, extra pumpkin scones, nori… and stuck to it the whole time! Committing to this cleanse is allowing me to see we can commit to anything if we really want it… THANK YOU!


I’m on week 3 and I finally feel pretty darn good. The foggy brain is gone and I haven’t had a nap in days. Even better is a lot of the chronic pain I have lived with for years seems to have subsided. So I did more of a workout today than usual and we will see how I feel tomorrow. Normally I hurt a lot the day after exercise. Cautiously optimistic here. Feeling good enough to exercise regularly could be life changing for me.


I’ve been waiting for this day for 7 months. Had my 2nd set of labs done since starting this journey and my physician was “blown away.” BP went from 137/91 to 127/84; 199 lbs to 174; she took “obese” from my current record and offered to take Pre-diabetic off the record, too, if I “keep doing what I’m doing.” Triglycerides are much improved but cholesterol needs more attention. I just about did the happy dance in the office. The thought that “I should treat myself!” popped into my head so I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans and then made an Apple Pie Smoothie. 55 and getting healthy! BTW ~ I could not have done this without Strike Sugar Challenge and Eat Clean Diet Cleanse. Thank you Tosca! Rachel!


So someone asked if I was pregnant today, not because I’m showing, thank goodness, but because I am glowing. Being a 45 yr old mom of four, a teacher who is fighting some kidling germs this week feeling like I’m dragging my butt on this hump day and although not a ‘complete’ impossibility, I was grateful at this stage of my life to say “No, just cleansing!” . Thank you Tosca and team for helping me not only with my energy, mental strength, anxiety and by losing 10lbs so far of the weight I gained since tearing my ACL, thank you for making me feel whole again, like me again (something I lost for awhile) and have the energy to be a better mom to my amazing children. Can never thank you enough….I feel like you offered a life line and saved me. ❤