Often life has other plans for you even though yours were on the calendar first. This is the part where you test and develop your flexibility muscles.

I had a powerful experience literally just hours ago. I wanted to support my cleansing activities as I am doing my 4 Week Eat-Clean Diet® Cleanse along with my community. One of the supporting activities, recommended by Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND (co-author of this cleanse program), is lymphatic drainage massage. Since I was already under the weather with laryngitis and a cold, I thought such a massage would be wonderful for clearing out my body.

At the clinic, the massage therapist had prepared an inviting table complete with pillows and a heating pad. I was directed to remove as much or as little clothing as I liked and to lay face down on the table. Within moments the therapist began her treatment, working on the numerous knots I had in my body. She worked her way to my neck and shoulders and what happened next surprised me. As her fingers worked on my ropey and contracted muscles, I began to sob. Not cry. Sob. And for the next 90 minutes, I continued to do that.

Remember when I wrote, in my Cleanse program, that we should be prepared to receive the many gifts of cleansing, including shedding toxic emotional burdens? This is what happened to me. When the therapist’s hands hit certain trigger points, she was unlocking the memories stored in those tissues. What were those memories? There have been volumes of grief stored in every cell. I found myself missing Bob and letting my tears out as a result. I also felt grief for myself – that is not the same as feeling sorry for myself – but feeling compassion for all that I have had to endure. But the sobbing continued, though I thought surely a few minutes of crying would be enough. My body had other ideas.

The continued release of emotional weight, as the therapist suggested this is what it was, is the result of another truth I will now share with you. I am living out the last vestiges of what used to be the beautiful life I lived with Bob. After his passing, I discovered the small, but very important, detail that estate planning had been neglected. There was no money to manage the house and it has been listed for sale for 3 years with no buyer yet. It has been nearly 2 1/2 years of financial challenge and worry, having little to fall back on, that has impacted my every waking day. I have to fight hard not to give in to frustration and anger.

This is one of the very powerful reasons I wanted to do the Cleanse with you. I know I am carrying a toxic load, particularly in the emotions department. I have received countless emails from you, sharing your similarly painful stories. Many of you are dealing with cancer somewhere in your family. Some of you are handling aging parents, financial strain, sick children, job changes, loss and infertility issues. I have enormous compassion for you because I have dealt with every one of those issues. The Cleanse is my hope for myself and for you that if we can take care of ourselves, we can heal.

I also know that these challenges are opportunities for personal growth. It takes time and courage to get to this place but I know you will find it. Participating in the Cleanse is already working for me and for many others, helping to manage negative toxic burdens in our souls and in our cells. Cleansing helps us wipe away grief, stress, anxiety, negative emotions and more. It is already happening for me and I believe it will do the same for you. If any of you are as heavily burdened as I am, then I think you will be amazed at what will happen. The time is now!

7 strategies to survive cleansing:

  • 1. Make taking care of yourself a priority. Get a massage – look what it can do! Help your body release emotional and chemical toxic burdens in a gentle and safe way.
  • 2. Make yourself open to the energies that are released. Don’t try to stop feeling what’s happening. If you are given to tears then let them go. If you want to shout out with joy then let go with wild abandon.
  • 3. Let go of the Must Do’s. Everyone has a long list of things they feel they must accomplish. What if we go a little wild here and forget about the list? Do the essentials but ignore the rest until after the Cleanse. Who knows? Some of those Must Do’s probably won’t matter anymore.
  • 4. Let your body do it’s job. If you need rest, then rest. If you need to eat, then eat. If you need to eat less, eat less. Your body will speak up. Don’t fight it. Follow it.
  • 5. Pay attention to what’s going in and coming out of your body. Regularity is a blessing and the Dump* is to be expected. (Early in the Cleanse you will experience this – a massive unloading of toxic waste from the colon and bowels. Relax, it’s normal).
  • 6. Take some time for reflection. Think about why you are feeling the way you are feeling today, at this moment or at a moment that takes you by surprise. Make notes in your Brain Dump Journal. These pages can be found in your Cleanse Download.
  • 7. Accept help when it is offered. Don’t be a hero or a saint – the heavens are full already. Cleansing is hard work. If someone is offering to be good to you, accept and receive the kindness. Today my dear friend Pia came over with tea and flowers and kind words, things I needed badly. I was happy to receive this blessing from her. Be sure to leave yourself open to the blessings of those who want to help.

Emotional, chemical and toxic burdens are inevitable in life. There is no stopping their arrival. Accept that the unexpected will happen but know you are not adrift in a sea of surprises. How we accept and receive what is delivered to us, develops our flexibility muscles and makes us better able to navigate our way through.

Remember, I am always listening.

Tosca Reno

PS. I would love to hear your story. What release did you experience on this Cleanse or in another circumstance? Post your comments below. I want to hear all about it.