Beauty Product Cleanse


We are focusing so much attention on cleaning out our insides, but it is equally important to clean out your home, medicine and beauty cabinet of toxic products, too.


I could write a book about this and some people have, including fellow Canadian author, Adria Vasil, who has written The Ecoholic Home & The Ecoholic Body, but today I will simply provide a list of my favorite beauty products.


I made a pact with myself a few years ago that I would clean out my home of everything that runs afoul to my clean living philosophy. Toxic products won’t be touching my skin!


What make a product no good, you ask? Again, I could write a whole book about this! I’ve listed a few keys items below, but I recommend checking out the complete list with reasons why here: Obscene 13. My friend, and Glam Goes Green online shop owner, Lisa Morgan, put this list together.  It’s downloadable and printable so you can keep it in your purse and pull it out when you need reminding of the toxic ingredients in common cosmetics.  You can also learn a lot by visiting the Environmental Working Group database.


  1. Triclosan
  2. Parabens
  3. Phthalates
  4. Fragrance, Perfume, or Parfum
  5. Siloxanes
  6. PEGs
  7. Oxybenzone
  8. DEA, MEA & TEA
  9. PPD
  10. DMDM Formaldehyde
  11. BHA & BHT
  12. Citronella
  13. Petrolatum


You may have noticed that a lot of those ingredients are hard to say. “If you can’t read it – don’t put it on your skin!” It’s not as catchy as: “if you can’t read it – don’t eat it!”, but it follows the same principle. Just as we avoid packaged foods with long lists of preservatives and additives, let’s try to avoid cosmetics products with the same issue.


Okay, onto the list.


Here are some of my favorite finds (for links to each company, please see the Resources list below):



Cleanser: Pure & Simple Cleansing Milk

Facial Moisturizer: Acure Day Cream

Eye Makeup remover: coconut oil

Lip Balm: coconut oil or Hurraw Balm

Foundation: Pure & Simple Biscotti

Powder: Pure Anada Pressed Powder

Blush: Pure Anada Blush

Eye Shadow: Jane Iredale

Eyeliner Pencil: Pure & Simple

Lip Liner: Jane Iredale

Lipstick: Red Apple

Mascara: I haven’t cracked this one yet! The natural ones are all still running down my face. The hunt is still on.



Soap: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

Shaving Lotion: Acure Foaming Shaving Gel

Moisturizer: Everyday Shae Lavender or coconut oil

Deodorant: Schmidt’s or Joy McCarthy’s Lovely Lavender Deodorant Cream

Perfume: LaVanila Laboratories Tahitian Vanilla (admittedly there are better options, but I can’t get over the smell of this one)

Toothpaste: Green Beaver Toothpaste

Heavy Duty Moisturizer: Weleda Skin Food

Nail Polish & Remover: Trust Fund



Shampoo & Condition: Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Dry Shampoo: Acure Argan Stem Cell Dry Shampoo

Hair Oil: Leaves of Trees Argan Oil

Pacifica Cleansing Cream: For the “No-Poo” method


You may be feeling overwhelmed at this point wondering how you’ll make the switch without breaking the bank. My recommendation is to take it product by product. When something runs out, replace it with a much better option.


Let’s keep the conversation going. Please comment below with your favorite finds.



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