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People making massive personal change have one thing in common – an accountability factor that is non-negotiable. King James II of England was the first public figure to use this word when he said to his people, in 1688, as he became king, “I am accountable for all things that I openly and voluntarily do or say.” Although ultimately he would lose his throne, practicing accountability showed his realm that the good king was doing his best in all situations. Holding ourselves accountable is what helps us grow and become successful, no matter what we take on.


I learned the value of accountability from, well, my accountant. And why not? It’s what accountants do. They keep us accountable for our financial actions. You may think, ah well, I have no money. That’s precisely what I thought too. What I learned by working with my accountant was, that by tracking where my money was going, I gained a better understanding of how little or how much money I had. It showed me the path to assuming responsibility for my own financial health.


I developed a powerful respect for money, one I hadn’t yet possessed.


By respecting the smallest amount of money, I developed the habit of stewarding my pennies and my work efforts with care. Don’t mistake my meaning. I am not talking about greed. I am talking about valuing our efforts to create financial security for ourselves. Ultimately our financial situation, just as our health and wellness condition, is not on someone else’s shoulders but on our own.


Accountability is an essential, personal characteristic of all successful people, particularly leaders. The best, hold themselves to very high levels of accountability, meaning they have the courage to admit when they are wrong. This makes the pain of whatever situation arises, stop immediately and puts them back in control. A powerful example of this occurred when Ms Oprah Winfrey, who presides over a great media empire, apologized for defending and being tricked by James Frey’s “memoir,” when she left “the impression that the truth does not matter.”


For this reason my Eat-Clean Diet® 4-Week Cleanse includes practical and effective accountability tools, designed to encourage your positive outcomes. I want you to experience success throughout the process of cleansing but I know for many of you, this will be the first time you undertake this kind of unburdening journey. Having accountability tools will help you navigate these unfamiliar waters, giving you a better chance to enjoy a positive outcome.


These tools include:

  • 1. The Eat-Clean Diet® 4-Week Cleanse private Facebook page
  • 2. A Progress Tracker (Journals) where you can record everything from meals, exercise and bowel movements to mood and other details.
  • 3. Establish your baseline – take photos of yourself on the day you begin the Cleanse


Each of these accountability tools is effective but I believe the most powerful one is the private FaceBook page. Here a sisterhood of thousands of women and men will record, announce and share, the details of their progress as the cleansing process occurs. Myself and my daughter who helped me create this Cleanse, Dr. Rachel Corradetti ND, will be doing the Cleanse along with you and we will be sharing our own personal details of what is happening right alongside yours. You can expect to read about the detox headache I will surely experience as I strive to give up coffee and give my liver a break. Or you will hear about someone else’s efforts to eat more bitter greens to encourage healthy digestion. Another will write about the way they are feeling several days in – lighter, euphoric and even happier. We may also post our struggles.


When we share these personal details, we create a strong bond amongst participants, which shores up the big WHY, the reason we are Cleansing in the first place. If you were hesitant in the beginning, the private FB page will give you every powerful reason to continue. You can’t believe how intimate some of these details will be. You won’t believe the joy people will share. You will be mightily uplifted on a daily, and if you want it, hourly basis, as the sharing experience blooms. In so doing we create an arena of trust.


When we practice accountability we not only increase the chance for success but we place the responsibility for our actions squarely on our own shoulders. By publicly sharing the details of our experience, we dare to show that we are human and are struggling or victorious depending on the day.


According to Michael Hyatt, one of my favorite business mentors (, accountability demands “making heavy use of the pronoun I.” It means asking yourself what, about your actions, has lead you to this place. Using “I” means you don’t deflect responsibility to others. It means, within the safety of the Cleanse FB page, you respect what others are doing, you use impeccable language and by virtue of being present in that space, you hold yourself accountable to others.


The opposite of being accountable is being a victim. This is something we don’t want.


I encourage and expect you to make mistakes, as I will, during the Cleanse. Through making errors and owning them, there is growth. Don’t wallow in remorse or self-pity. This is a waste of time. Express regret but don’t wallow. Then you are right back to being a victim again. Even if you blew it, take the time to be disappointed but then move on.


Now I will own up to something. The doctors and I worked hard on our new Cleanse offering. We edited the copy numerous times but still found errors, even after having delivered the product to you. I take full responsibility for that. In the publishing world, any printed material needs at least 5 sets of different eyes on each page. We only had 2 – Rachel and I. I know that my decision to trust that we would catch all the errors between us, led to the disappointment of putting out something that wasn’t perfect. I know for next time, not to repeat this mistake. For this I am truly sorry.


Another amazing learning is that there is a group of you out there who are really good at editing. You have helped us correct some of these errors. As a result we have gained a priceless learning, which we will incorporate for our next offerings. We will use some of you to assist us with the editing and recipe testing process and we will do this, weeks in advance of launching the product. I am thinking about the Spring Cleanse, which we are already working on. This will surely help us avoid the problems we encountered on this Cleanse.


I would love to hear from you about a time when accountability helped you grow. Tell me what your learning was and how overcame your obstacle. I can’t wait to hear from you. Post your answer in the comments below.


Eat Clean for Health and for Life!


Tosca Reno