Mental Prep for Doing Tosca Renos 4 Week Eat-Clean® Diet Cleanse


“The rationale for creating this 4 Week Eat-Clean® Diet Cleanse experience with Dr. Rachel Corradetti, ND is to help you clear your physical, mental and spiritual self of toxic chemical and emotional burdens, in the hope that you will make yourself open to the highest level of wellness and abundance life has to offer.  The process of detoxifying oneself opens up all pathways – mind, body, spirit – inviting us to live on a higher energetic level and often a healthier, more abundant one.


Quote from Tosca Reno’s 4 Week Eat-Clean® Diet Cleanse


In sports, the mental game is half the battle of every team and every victory.  All the training and practice you do will not make you a winner unless you are mentally prepared. This feels like a grand statement for an event that will never win a Heisman Trophy, but participating in a cleanse like my 4 Week Eat-Clean® Diet Cleanse requires every bit as much mental preparation as playing sports in the big leagues.


I want to ensure your success with this cleanse experience and prepare you the way junior varsity coach, Coach Flowers prepares his team before they play.  He gives the “I Am a Champion” speech.  In one hand he clutches a script containing a series of questions, ending with the big Q for the Leland High School JV football team. “WHO AM I?” demands Coach Flowers.  The deafening response from the frenzied team? “I AM A CHAMPION!”  In the background plays the theme song from the Last of the Mohicans (my absolute favourite movie!).


It would be difficult to go out on the field filled with depression after that kind of motivation.  Now I want you to think about what you expose yourself to on a daily basis?  Is your mind filled with positivity, optimism and gratitude every hour of the day?  Are you surrounding yourself with the kind of people who lift you up?  Do you listen to, watch and read materials that grab your soul right out of your boots and toss you high in sky, soaring on clouds and stars?  Let’s build you up for participating in this cleanse like a true champion.


Here now is my “You are a Champion” speech:


1. Find some music that stirs your soul and load it onto your device. Play it often and think about this fabulous cleanse experience you are about to embark on.  When you need a push, hit PLAY and let the music carry you upwards.  I love the entire soundtrack of the Last of the Mohicans Movie. But I also love Jai-Jagdeesh’s version of Hallelujah, For You by Rae Morris, One by Mary J. Blige and U2, All I Got by Amel Larrieux  …. so many more but you get the idea.


2. “Get rid of the CATS in your life!” says my good friend and peer, Dr. James Rouse. “These dependencies are toxic to your life your psyche and your soul.” I love this quote and it doesn’t mean your pet.  CATS are caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar, the foods we are most addicted to, although I would add sugar to that crazy list.  Write that saying down on an index card somewhere “HEY YOU! GET RID OF THE CATS IN YOUR LIFE!” Put a smiley face beside it and do it.  Ya! You got it!


3. Cleansing is also a way of taking a break from “stuff”. Often life feels like an excess of things and doing.  Taking a break from this is a good way to assess our relationship with “stuff.”  Do you need that new thing you are holding in your hand? Ask yourself two questions before you buy:  Do I really need that?  How will it serve me?  Register your answer and act accordingly.  Often, shedding excess from our lives, in the form of material goods, as well as the accumulation of excess in the body, is a highly liberating experience.


4. Be prepared for the uncomfortable. Don’t be scared.  It is possible you will feel mild discomfort while you cleanse but ladies, what’s a little mild discomfort in the pursuit of wellness?  We live with plenty worse than that on a monthly basis and we deliver babies too.    Not only that, we are in this together.  We got this!!


5. Respect the process. Let it happen and trust that the doctors and I have created a powerful, healing cleanse for you.  It will happen on its’ own time in your body and that may be different than your friend who is also doing it.  But we are all biologically unique.  You focus on doing you.  I always say this to my daughters; “YOU DO YOU!”


6. Turn off WKRAP radio. Yes that is a Marie Forleoism.  She is one awesome lady and this is her idea of telling us to stop dissing ourselves.  There’s a growing body of research supporting the idea that we have a powerful impact on how healthfully our brain, mind, and memory functions based on what language we are using when we talk to ourselves. Instead turn up the volume on “I LOVE MYSELF”   (PS. I love you!)


7. Expect to fail. Strange to say it but better to accept you will probably F#&K up on this cleanse and that is okay.  Just don’t continue with the F’ing up and start again the next day. Got it?


8. Keep your date with yourself on this. Don’t bail on yourself.  Don’t you want to meet the newly cleansed, and gorgeously brilliant YOU?  I do.


9. Drink water when you are doubting yourself. Then drink some more. This is the easy one folks.  Water just makes everything work better, especially your brain.


10. Love on you. Love on the process. Love on the foods.  Love on the community.



Here’s your mantra for success.  Post somewhere and read daily.

(this is fun)


You are the Champion! (Queen said it best)

You are Not Afraid (you can quote Eminem on that one)

You’re Beautiful (believe it because James Blunt said so)

Rise (Eddie Vedder did and it sounds so nice)

Wish Upon a Star (Iz Kamakawiwo’ole sings it like never before)

Lose Yourself in the process (because I love Eminem for anthems)

Let it Go (Irina Menzel makes that look easy)

Don’t Stop Believing (the Journey is the learning)

Get Up Stand Up (when you want a little Bob Marley push)

What A Feeling! (Irene Cara made that Flashdance thing look like fun, just like this Cleanse)

And to finish it all off ….

What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong said so and I believe it)



So let’s run this thing and rock it out.

Love you all!

See you in the Cleanse!



Can you tell me what song rocks you? And what you want to accomplish with the Cleanse?  I want to know.