For a number of years I have been pleased to discover my response to so many aspects of life interesting me most, could always be boiled down to one simple answer.  Keep, everything, clean.  Apparently this is on trend with the notion that we must also cleanse and detox our bodies.  I propose some of us can’t and shouldn’t cleanse and that, if such persons do engage in a cleanse, they could potentially harm themselves, putting their health at risk.


I feel quite certain no Cleanse-In-A-Box will warn you of such.  But since I have created my Eat-Clean® Diet 4 Week Cleanse (Coming soon! Pre-Order it now!) with my daughter and Naturopathic Doctor Rachel Corradetti, and since I have a nutrition credentialed background, and a supreme desire to never put any of you in harm’s way, I feel it is appropriate to place the word of caution upon the table.  Some of you are just not going to be able to participate.


Here’s why.  I remember sitting in my nutrition classes digesting loads of riveting information about the gut and its many processes.  One of my professors suddenly shared a nugget so profound, it never left me.  He said, and I quote this from my chicken scratched notes, “If you are not sweating, pooping, peeing, breathing or otherwise eliminating, never, never do a cleanse.  You will simply be releasing toxins from their safe storage place, fat, and placing them somewhere else not so safe.”  It had never occurred to me that some people with certain underlying conditions would make themselves sicker by doing something that on the outside looks pretty healthy.


So who are those people who shouldn’t be cleansing?  Are you one of these?  If you are planning to join us for the Eat-Clean® Diet 4 Week Cleanse, you must be able to say NO to all of these before you begin.



  1. Pregnant and lactating women
  2. Those receiving chemotherapy
  3. Those with Type I Diabetes
  4. Those who do not regularly eliminate their bowels, bladders and who do not sweat.
  5. Those who have just undergone surgery
  6. Those who are participating in strenuous, athletic endurance events like triathlons, IronMan events, ultra marathons etc.
  7. Babies, young children and the elderly
  8. Those with adrenal fatigue
  9. Those with severe, underlying illness
  10. Morbidly obese persons


In general, you must be healthy enough and have a reasonably functioning body in order to participate in any cleanse.  This is not to say that cleansing is dangerous but the process places additional demands upon the organs of cleansing – the liver, skin, lungs, kidneys, intestines as well as the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  If someone has compromised health in any way, or is taking medications under the supervision of a physician, then cleansing may interfere with the processes of healing and recovery already in place.


I learned about the contraindication of cleansing through our close encounter with cancer.  When my late husband Robert was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, I immediately hit the books thinking I could find the nutritional panacea that would heal him.  Off to Whole Foods I went, loading up on every green leafy thing I could find.  The cashier even remarked on my purchases, asking, “Somebody in your house doing a cleanse?”  I took those greens and juiced every day for a week until the oncologist caught me walking in with my noxious looking liquids one day.  She told me straight out, “You can’t give Robert any of this stuff.  He is in a state of cachexia and together with that and his advanced cancer, these green juices will only make matters worse.”  A painful lesson was learned that day as I watched my good intentions for health slip down the drain.


Back to the not so eloquent words of my professor, if you aren’t eliminating you aren’t participating.  The rest of you, welcome aboard.  I will see you and raise you a green juice!


Remember,  I am always listening.


Tosca Reno


Now it’s your turn. Tell me about your plans for cleansing.  Have you done one? How did it go?  Are you joining this one?