Dear Marilyn.


It was fabulous spending time with you and your friends last weekend.  To let every worrisome detail of my cluttered life fade into the distance while the mounting kilometres slip by in a country kaleidoscope of colour, all while drawing closer to wild abandon and further from reality, is really living.  One must have fun.  There has to be a celebration.  A party.  Joyful freedom to just BE.  Thank you for the experience.  The lake, the people, fireworks and fun.  Your generosity made the weekend grippingly idyllic (just check Facebook).  Of course more time spent doing such would be ideal but one takes what one can get.


I was thinking about our upcoming shopping trip.  You know, the one where I prepare myself for the shoot in Los Angeles, and where I find myself standing in front of the movie and television industry – for the first time and hopefully not the last – worrying about whether or not I have done enough.  That Hollywood crowd will judge! The E word drives me nuts.  Doing and being Enough are often more mental than physical challenges.  Measuring myself against the yard stick of perfection that I will find myself leaning against in the land of illusion, I worry that ENOUGH is never ENOUGH.  Let me explain.


Know that I have conducted my fitness regimen with discipline.  Ach! I missed one or two days with a pulled muscle in my back, but I did sweat myself silly on a regular basis – know that.  I have the pile of damp laundry to prove it.  Ask Esther.  We both created enough sweat while doing interval sprints on the Rail Trail, to saturate all of the Sahara.  “Did I Eat Clean?” you ask.  Please! Was Mother Theresa a saint?  Or was I supposed to say, “Is the Pope Catholic?”  You get my point.  I could no more purchase a bag of Doritos® 3D Dimension chips than forget how to Eat Clean.  I did, okay, I did!  Well there was that one time when I had a beer with my mom at the pool but it was 33 degrees C (91.4 degrees F – for my US friends) and we needed one.


“Treats?” you ask.  Full disclosure, Mast Brothers chocolate is a tougher thing to wrestle to the ground.  One literally has no chance in the face of its sensual decadence.  It begins with the packaging. Oh please! Look at it!  Seductive from the first glance.  I saw it at the Drake Hotel general store and was assaulted once again at Pink Tartan and the seduction was complete.  I bought a bar.  Then two more.  Their Sea Salt Chocolate really did a number on me.  One bite and concentration becomes, shall we say, challenging.  My face breaks out in a glow (yes, that is sweat, leave me alone!), accompanied by a racing heart and shallow breathing.   Fifty Shades of Chocolate? Yes please!!  Can chocolate ignite the soul? Excuse me, have you seen Chocolat? I rest my case.


Oh yes, the shopping.  So I was thinking, Marilyn, that with only a few weeks to go, do you really want to see this? This body of mine in a little number of your design? I know you.  You will put me in a body con dress a la Versace, a dress offering no forgiveness, no place to hide, and one that demands sensible undergarments and well, the truth will out.  “What is that bulge over your waist?” you wonder. Oh, right, that is your waist.  You will look away and wonder what in God’s name will work as suitable attire for this uber large event.  You reach for a muumuu but realize, no can do.  Won’t photograph well at all and bad for my image.  Skinny jeans?  You must be kidding!


Looking at the calendar, I count three weeks before show time. Marilyn let’s put off the shopping trip until I have tested out my secret weapon.  No.  No, it’s not more Mast Brothers, although those Brooklyn boys are pretty hot.  My thought is to do a trial of my upcoming Eat-Clean Diet® Cleanse.  Although it is actually a 4 week cleanse, I can do three weeks here at home and the last one while in the City of Angels.  This should clear up my beer prompted skin congestion while also shedding that sugar induced fluff around my middle.  It won’t take long to bring radiance and shine back to moi.  In the way that Armor All can bring up the luster of a very tired looking car, a serious cleanse can similarly lighten and brighten my more human caboose.  A cleanse can reset my overburdened organs (why do I always envision a Sherpa stooped under a heavy weight of climbing and survival gear, when I say this?).  It can also jettison much, shall we say, undesirable and unmentionable waste, from one’s pipes. I could benefit greatly from this kind of detailing at the moment.


Do I have your attention?  Will this work?  After eating all those bitter greens, delicious clean soups, broths and salads, I will, no doubt, have overcome the temporary fog wafting over me.  My organs would enjoy the break from Frankenfoods although I didn’t intentionally buy the Doritos® but there may have been a few GMO’s and other unmentionables that found their way into my best intentions anyway.  The Eat-Clean Diet® Cleanse will clear me out like a Dyson hoovers up dust and dirt.  I will be in good hands.  You have to trust me on this Marilyn.  I built the Cleanse with Dr. Rachel.  Naturopaths, like Rachel, know of what they speak.  You should see them.  Does their skin glow? Like a fall fresh Macintosh Apple!  Do they have mental clarity?  Mensa anyone? I mean they don’t even need a calculator to do math!  Libido – it’s on fire. Trust me, I hear about it all the time.  That’s great, they have partners. I’m still waiting (but libido is intact).  I know, I know! TMI!


And I have one more secret weapon.  The Cleanse comes with an Eat-Clean Diet® 5 Day Juice Cleanse.  Here is where I can really sharpen my game.  There are five red juices, five green ones and five smoothies, each designed to Clean Me Out!  I’m signing up.  Today.


I will see you in a few weeks for that shopping trip and I will be Enough.


Join me Marilyn.  Join me everyone.  We can do this together.


Remember, I’m always listening.  Juice anyone?

Tosca Reno


Oh, by the way, it’s time to share your story with me. What are you getting ready for? A reunion? Wedding? Tell me your story.  You will get a chance to win a free Tosca Reno Eat-Clean Diet® Cleanse package, coming soon!