Eating Clean means being mindful of the foods we choose to nourish our bodies with. It means reaching for well sourced, properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods instead of packaged Frankenfoods that do not resemble anything from the earth.
When we eat our energy and take in the goodness of true nutrition, the cells of our body light up. It is a powerful yet simple lifestyle. I understand that cravings, wavering willpower, not knowing where to start and the absence of a solid support system can make it challenging to jump in and stick to, but it is essential to try because it is worth it. You are worth it. The benefits are beyond what you see in the mirror or on a scale – you feel it in numerous profound ways.
As we prepare to head into another glorious weekend, I encourage you to be mindful of how you choose to fuel your body. My life’s work is to spread the happiness and health of the Eat Clean lifestyle. My purpose is to help people reclaim their birthright to optimal health and achieve the best, most vibrant versions of their true selves.
I celebrate this Friday with gratitude in my heart for thousands of Eat Clean Community members who have placed their trust in me and challenged themselves to take their mindfulness of their own health and wellness to beautiful new heights by joining my Strike Sugar Challenge and Fitness Commitment Challenge as well as the Eat Clean lifestyle – the birthplace of my passions. The outpouring of love, support and accountability I have seen and shared with you day in and out in our Facebook Groups has truly touched and inspired me.
Today, I celebrate YOU and your incredible progress…


“Down 6 lbs but an overall 13 inches. Thank you Tosca Reno, this has been the best life changing journey that l have been on with all of the fellow Sugar Strikers.” – Karen S.
“Down 18lbs I feel so wonderful I feel like crying…No heartburn, sleep better, not out of breathe, feeling full, confidence level is high (new haircut to go along the way I’m feeling), reading labels, before diet had a mean cough not sure why but it’s gone, excited about cooking, cloths fit better & lose…Still have a way to go but feel more determined now more than ever.” – Kyra E.
“I feel better, look better and my attitude towards food has changed!” – Tara H.
I’m starting to feel more confident in myself, my depression has lessened considerably, have more energy and I actually want to run/exercise again. It’s been a year and a half since I felt this way.” – Laura C.
Aurora - Strike Sugar
“My belly is starting to shrink and my waistline is coming back! My skin never looked better and I am making progress with my anxiety!” – Jenny D.
“It was so good to walk out of a restaurant this morning after making good choices and not feeling bloated, uncomfortably full or full of regret!” – Michelle L.
“I am loving this challenge. Down 10 lbs, and feeling a kind of energy that my new knee replacement (in March) is having a hard time keeping up with. So happy I started this new lifestyle.” – Ardythe L.
“Feeling better overall and having true willpower.” – Jacqueline E.
Kyra - Strike Sugar
“Stress is high. I am not calming my nerves with carb crappola. Wow. Thank you Tosca and SSC sisterhood!” – Diane D.
“Depression gone, IBS gone, 6 pounds gone, bloating gone, sugar gone, healthier hair and skin, a complete diet overhaul, life changes made. All in just two weeks!! All of this together makes me one happy mama! Thank you so much Tosca.” – Brenda P.
Feeling in control of my sweet tooth. I love that I don’t even crave sweets…it’s amazing.” – Pamela M.
I’m amazed at how much I’m enjoying the food and I’m not hungry. I also amazed myself this past long weekend by not caving and opening that bottle of wine. Now that was a miracle for me. I’ve lost 8 pounds and the dress I bought for my son’s wedding on June 12 looks so much better on me. The first week and a half were tough but I’m feeling great now.” – Jan M.
Sharon - Strike Sugar


“Week 2, day 2: eating my 3 meals and 3 snacks. Feeling strong and most importantly my tummy is very happy. No belly pain or bloating. Happy girl here : ) : ) : ) “ – Sandrine E.
I got a ‘you look so skinny’ comment today from someone at the gym I don’t know, but see a lot when I’m there.” – Lynne M.
“Back on track today and loving it!…I actually said no to Krispy Kreme donuts! A first for me! I’m loving the way I feel. Tummy is shrinking!” – Nancy M.
“I love how important it is for us to know ourselves and our bodies – and as we evolve (a.k.a., get older… ha ha!) to adjust and modify according to who we are, what we need and the goals we want to achieve. I used FC in Jan to get my hiney back into the gym/weights after a 2 year hiatus caused by a disc bulge. Mission accomplished! Now in this second round, I’m tinkering with my “fitness formula” to make this challenge / lifestyle my own.” – Andrea B.
“Back to accountability…Great start to the week and feeling re-inspired.” – Brenda P.
“Week three here we come! Loving my loose tank top this morning!” – Michelle R.
“A week ago I was incredibly sad and defeated. Seven days later: energized, optimistic and down some pounds and inches! Oh…and eating like a champ. Who knew?” – Liz C.
5 Things An Eat Clean Challenge Will Do For You
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