Many of us invest countless hours of time and effort ramping up our workouts and tightening up our nutrition in preparation for rocking a bathing suit, baring our arms in sleeveless tops and showcasing our stems in shorts. But what happens when summer body prep ends and the hot months actually arrive? This time of year is just as ripe for incredible outdoor workouts as it is full of temptation.

We may be tempted to treat ourselves in the face of that seemingly endless winter (at one time I was wearing 6 layers!) and we DO deserve some fun in the sun. But let’s not undo our hard work by partaking in every festive summer treat. As enticing as roasted marshmallows, barbequed cheeseburgers and margaritas on the patio may sound, I’ve got practical (and delicious) Eat Clean meal hacks to keep you on track and satisfied while enjoying your summer. I promise you won’t feel like you’re missing out!

Summer Weekend Survival Tips

It doesn’t have to be a strictly hotdog and roasted marshmallow affair when you’re gathered around the campfire. Why not make a batch of my yummy, nutrient-rich Butternut Squash Wild Rice Hemp Salad ahead of time and bring it along as a side to grilled chicken or fish? My one-pot Lentil Vegetable Stew is another great option – you can make it on-site and it’s ideal for vegan campers.

For a no-sugar-added sweet treat under the stars, try my super-simple Banana Roll-Ups – only three ingredients! You could also whip up my Goat Cheese Brownies and pack them in your cooler. Wrap them in tin foil and gently warm over the fire for 5 minutes for a comforting, gooey yet clean chocolate treat – the perfect accompaniment for ghost stories.

Is it wine time whenever you get together with your gal pals? I encourage balance and believe a weekly treat prevents us from feeling deprived and eventually binging, so a glass or two of anti-oxidant rich red wine will not be your undoing or something to fret about if you’ve stayed the Eat Clean course during the week.

But we know alcohol is not required for a phenomenal night with the girls. If you’re staying in, make my sinfully rich Mayan Cocoa Meltaways or a beautiful charcuterie board starring my vegan-friendly Sage & Walnut Pate in place of a highly-processed packaged option loaded with additives and preservatives from the store. This is perfect food for girl talk on the patio. Cap it off by sipping on a Virgin Pomegranate Cocktail.

You know the secret ingredient to the tastiest, most satisfying meals, is love. Few things are as sensual as preparing a meal for your loved one and enjoying it together. Save money and keep it Clean by skipping a restaurant date. Stay in and dazzle him or her with a spectacularly delicious meal that also happens to be bursting with health! You bring the candles, and I’ll provide the menu:

Romantic Summer Dinner Menu:
• Appetizer: Fifty Shades of Green Salad (figs are a supple, delicious aphrodisiac –yes please Mr. Grey!)
• Entrée: Pasta Legerro (tomatoes and sweet potato encourage blood flow to all areas of the body, ahem, the important ones I cannot mention too!)
• Dessert: Chocolate Cashew Cream (chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain, giving us a euphoric rush, like the one you get when are in love)

A beautiful picnic under the summer sun is one of the simple pleasures of the season. Best of all, it is dead easy to keep it yummy and loaded with health. Load up your cooler with light snacks like fresh watermelon, mixed berries, nuts, crudités, zucchini crisps, hummus, guacamole and a thermos of blueberry and rosemary infused water, grab your blanket and head out!

The first BBQ of the summer is always an exciting event. Who doesn’t crave a good burger every now and then? These Grilled Gourmet Bella Burgers are an ideal alternative to traditional burgers when that old familiar BBQ staple is calling out to you, but you’re looking to avoid excessive and unhealthy fat. Plus, your vegetarian guests will love them! To satisfy the meat eaters, try these fab Chili Chicken Kabobs. Easy, absolutely exploding with flavour and versatile too – the sauce works beautifully with all types of protein, not just chicken. Serve these summery delights with Strawberry, Spinach, Broccoli Salad with Macadamia Nuts, a pitcher of Stars & Stripes Berry Cooler, and Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Avocado Cake Frosting and you will be crowned Best BBQ Host of 2015!

Tell me, what are the summer events, celebrations and foods that most tempt you? More importantly, what are your clean solutions? I can’t wait to hear from you.

Remember, I’m always listening

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