We are onto something! I launched my first official Strike Sugar Challenge last July and just finished an amazing second challenge this week with thousands participating. SSC participants are feeling fabulous. But I have noticed a trend here; not even a year has gone by and suddenly everyone is talking about the evils of sugar. It’s not an original idea. When my first Eat-Clean Diet® book was launched in 2007, I made it clear that one of the key principles was removing sugar from the diet. Always a bit of a troublemaker, I worried back then, that I might receive repercussions from Big Food Conglomerates for poking a sharp stick in their eye about Big Bad Sugar but it never came. Today I’m not alone.


Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of doctors are braving the tide now, swimming against the current, revealing they have misled the public. Wow! Did you just feel the earth shift? I predict this is the beginning of a new frontier. That physicians are willing to admit they were wrong is huge. It feels like the cultural shift that occurred when we learned how to drive while wearing a seat belt. It took a while and countless hours of annoying commercials but we got the point. I’m trying to envision what the new public service announcements warning against sugar will look like. Perhaps something similar to the PSA warning against drug use where eggs are dropped into a hot frying pan. Because if there was ever an ingredient that addled your brain, it is sugar.


Nearly a century ago, Dr. Weston Price wrote a stunning book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. In it he studied various cultures isolated from so-called modern society. He noticed that those more “primitive” peoples who had NO access to sugar, were curiously free from dental caries, orthodontic problems, certain birth defects, psychosis, disease, infection and more. In the Loetschental Valley in Switzerland, for example, a group of Swiss are so removed from sugar and other man made foods, that for several hundred years they have subsisted only on what they have produced themselves. In the village, there are NO doctors, NO dentists, there is NO jail, and there are NO policeman. There is no need – everyone is radiantly healthy and their brains are working just fine.


What Dr. Price found was that in such isolated societies there were no refined or devitalized foods, no skimmed milk, no pasteurized foods and no refined or hydrogenated fats. These people had four times more minerals in their diets and ten times more fat, thus ten times more fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. What he didn’t find was the S-word.


Picking up this new clarion call to Strike Sugar, Dr. Dwight Lundell, a renowned cardiologist, reveals that today’s pharmaceutical approach to treating heart disease, “is not working”. He states, “The discovery, a few years ago, that inflammation in the artery wall is the real cause of heart disease is slowly leading to a paradigm shift in how heart disease and other chronic ailments will be treated.” What causes inflammation? Sugar. Sugar and more sugar. Go back and reread the paragraph about those isolated Swiss who had no chronic ailments. What was missing from their diet? Sugar, Sugar and again, Sugar. Lundell goes a step further, challenging food guide recommendations (that we have been living by for nearly a century) to state that those very guidelines “have created epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the consequences of which dwarf any historical plague….”


I noticed something about this myself. This past weekend, after having Struck Sugar from my diet during the 4 week challenge, I ate some decidedly lacking foods. There was store bought ice cream cake and red wine. It was a celebration and difficult to say no. The next day I felt worse than the ill effects of a hangover. During an interview, in which I was required to speak eloquently, I found my brain scrambled. It was like reaching into a very cluttered closet to pull out that one item I needed but couldn’t find. I was in a deep dark brain fog brought on by sugar and I felt sick all day. I was stunned to relive these negative effects remembering the overweight me that had lived under the veil of sugar for so many years. It was awful. Some of you have discovered this yourselves during the Strike Sugar Challenge.


So now I want to ask you. What do you eat today that makes you feel brain addled, foggy, irritable, inflamed and just plain sick? What food do you turn to every time to “solve” your problems? How do you ingest sugar and other anti-foods on a daily basis? Is it during breakfast, while watching a movie or driving? Where does the drug sugar live in your life? And what are the consequences? Are you ill? Depressed? Moody? Overweight? Do you drink too much (alcohol is sugar)? What extent would you go to, to reclaim your birthright of optimal health?


Provocative questions. Easy answer.


1. Name that one food, your sugar trigger.
2. Remove it from your diet today.
3. Ride out the tough few days of detoxing, because they will be there but they pass.
4. Eat Clean.
5. Drink more water.
6. Eat more healthy fat.
7. Feel the energy returning.
8. Watch the inflammation, illness, stiffness, foul moods and depression lift.
9. Watch your brain clear up as the Sugar Fog lifts.
10. Re-experience what it feels like to be truly alive.
My prediction is that soon we will see a robust campaign to warn against the evils of sugar. It will penetrate all we do, but consider this writing your early warning.


I can’t wait to hear from you. Tell me your sugar story. If you participated in my Strike Sugar Challenge, tell me about your experience. What can you do today that you couldn’t do at the beginning of the challenge? I not only want to hear it, I need to hear it. Chime in everyone!


I’m always listening.
Tosca Reno


Oh, by the way, don’t wait to write me – do it now.