As many of you know, we start the Strike Sugar Challenge again Monday May 4th. Thousands of you have already committed to embarking on this sugar-free health and wellness journey and I thank you for placing your trust in me during this four-week program. I don’t get a buzz from the powdery white stuff – I’m buzzing off the energy and excitement in our Strike Sugar Challenge Facebook Group. Sugar doesn’t stand a chance!
Still on the fence about whether Striking Sugar is right for you? Read on for helpful resources and FAQs that may help you make up your mind.

Strike Sugar Challenge FAQs

1. What is the Strike Sugar Challenge?
This is a four week program designed to recalibrate your body’s blood sugar handling mechanisms – giving your body a much needed break. Click here for 10 reasons to Strike Sugar to learn about benefits of this safe and effective cleanse.
2. What’s included within the Strike Sugar Challenge eBook?
• Weekly grocery shopping lists (click here to review the Week 1 Strike Sugar Grocery List)
• Daily meal plans for all four weeks
• Delicious Eat-Clean recipes
• Lists of allowable foods (including plant-based protein options)
• A discussion of what you can expect by Striking Sugar
• Explanation of macronutrients
3. Can I join the Strike Sugar Challenge if I’m vegan/vegetarian/Paleo/gluten-free/nut-free?
Absolutely! As always, I encourage you to make substitutions to the meal plans and recipes that work with your lifestyle. Nuts can be swapped for seeds. Replace meat-based proteins with plant-based options like edamame, sea vegetables and quinoa. Use the lists of foods provided in the eBook to help guide your substitutions. I’m always listening, so be sure to submit your questions within the Group if you’re ever unsure. We also have an exciting and handy little one page cheat sheet for you – launching today on FB – to help you make smart substitutions.
4. Do I need the Strike Sugar Challenge eBook to participate in the challenge?
To truly follow the Strike Sugar Challenge as I have laid it out, you will need the Strike Sugar eBook. The daily meal plans and recipes within are the basis of the program.
5. Is the Strike Sugar Challenge eBook available in hardcopy?
Currently, the Strike Sugar Challenge eBook is available exclusively in e-format. Once you purchase, you can download it on up to four devices and print yourself a copy. Click here for more information about which devices Strike Sugar is compatible with, what to do if you are having trouble adding it to your cart in my shop, or if you’ve bought it and are unsure how to access your download.
6. How do I join the Strike Sugar Challenge?
a. Get your copy of the Strike Sugar eBook
b. Join the Facebook Group
c. Get ready to begin May 4!
7. How do I join the Strike Sugar Challenge Facebook Group?
Click here and submit your request to join. Please review the Strike Sugar Challenge Group FAQs (in the Files tab) once you are a member – here you will find the Community Guidelines. (Note: it may take up to 24 hours to gain admittance once your request has been submitted.) But I can’t wait to welcome you. I will be hanging around there too. I want to hear from you so don’t hold back.
8. What do I do if I miss the May 4 start date?
You can absolutely begin the Strike Sugar Challenge ANY TIME! It is never too late to begin. The eBook will always be in my shop and the Group is here to stay. Your body will thank you regardless of when you start.
9. What about Eat-Clean Community Members who are NOT striking sugar?
I will continue to share helpful Eat Clean tips, recipes, articles and more on my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and blog throughout the challenge. I understand that not everyone is able participate in Strike Sugar at this time, but I am committed to offering you tools to keep you on the path to Eat Clean success, regardless of the goals you’ve set out for yourself right now. A few posts will touch on sugar within my main social pages, but the majority of the Strike Sugar action will take place in the Group. I really am always listening!

Additional Strike Sugar Challenge Resources

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Need some added motivation? Read on to see what others who did the challenge last year had to say. I hope you’ll join me!





Ready? Set, strike it! Just Strike it!
May the 4th be with you,
Sugar Free Tosca