Have you been wondering how to manage a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day? As in the children’s classic Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst, there are days when so much goes wrong, seemingly against you in every way, that make you wonder why you bother. Life can often feel like a series of challenges from rudeness, to selfish behaviour and other more hurtful travails. What to do to get over it?
Take yesterday morning for example – I spent it in bed, something I only ever did after my children were born. After a 5 day stretch of one challenge after the other. After a mistakenly sent email filled with derogatory remarks about me (oops!) landed in my inbox. After cleaning my house for a showing. After having a cop scream at me because I didn’t know where to turn at a construction site. After the plumbing backed up again! After getting screamed at by a credit card company … well, I lost it. I’m sure the little lady on the other line didn’t know what time bomb she stepped on when she asked me for my husband’s details … that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Down went the phone, out popped my lower lip and off I went. I climbed into bed, pulled the covers over my head and had a good – oh, dammit, a very loud – good cry. Maggie (the family dog) followed me in and under.
Many of you know my story. A rise to the stars late in life, a fall from grace and a crash and burn followed by a dusting off and a tenuous emergence from the ashes (one day I’m going to tell you the whole story). And I know many of yours. Lately your emails have been asking me about surviving hardship, anything from loss, laborious life struggles, to loose skin and you want to know how to handle these challenges. Oh well, the first obvious choice would be booze and food, chocolate, carbs and more booze. In truth, a glass of red wind did manage to wind up in my hand at the end of that terrible day yesterday, a girl has to put things in perspective sometimes through the veil of wine. And there might have been a lot of chocolate involved too.
If I truly wanted to lose myself, I might have kept on going with the wine and chocolate but something happened in the depths of that glass. The rush of sugar felt good for several swallows and then the crash arrived. As I wiped my chocolatey fingers on my pants, I suspected that you know what I’m talking about. The icky, sticky, after affect of consuming C12H22O11, a white crystalline substance made by removing 100% of the fibre and protein (read nutritional value) in the cane or beet. SUGAR, the modern world’s nemesis, has no rival for cost to human health. Both the chocolate and wine were loaded with sugar.
If there ever existed a sure-fire way to do ourselves in, this is it. Sugar has been and is hard at work, since its inception in 600 A.D., to undermine our health. Refined for the first time by Persians, monopolized by Arabs, borrowed by the Americas, sugar has manifested itself as the white plague of our age. To indulge in it, as I was about to do in splashing more wine into my cup, is to succumb to disease, because even overweightedness is a disease and then more illness results. To succumb to it is to welcome erratic behaviour, mood swings, irritability, crying jags…sound familiar? Read paragraph 2 again, I believe this describes me.
What I am saying is, to put ourselves in the path of sugar is to put ourselves in harm’s way. To learn to avoid it in all its guises is to remove ourselves from the path of the oncoming car. Sugar does not now, nor ever did qualify, as a food, there being no word in the Greek language to describe it. Sugar is worse than a food. It is less than a food and completely a body destroyer because as sugar is processed, the body is depleted, left in a state of less than, not more than. As sugar and its aliases seep into our cells, the delicate chemical dance so finely orchestrated by the wonder that is the human body, is rudely interrupted, gumming up the blood, saturating the hard working pancreas whose mop is not big enough for the flood and sending our immune system into submission rendering it unable to fight invaders.
My poor mood and attitude that sent me to bed in a sobbing mess, was likely brought on by temptations over the weekend to eat birthday cake, drink wine and forget my very own good, Eat Clean rules. Was I in a tailspin? You bet! Could I fix it? You bet! Up and out of bed, away with the wine glass and the sugar doldrums. It was time for a flush of the system with plenty of water and a long walk to clear the head, followed up with vegetables, greens and more vegetables. A weekend of sugar blues can be cleared away with these good lifestyle habits. A lifetime of sugar blues can be brought to reign by participating in the 4 week long, 2nd annual Strike Sugar Challenge. I’ll be the first to sign up.
Back to our children’s story, Alexander, like the rest of us, must endure the travails of the human condition but it’s not all a terrible, horrible, no good situation for him or us. Chase away the terrible with good for you greens. Resist the urge to gorge on junk. Give yourself every opportunity to stay strong through the test. Even I recognize a bad attitude when I see one and shoved mine aside for a walk and wheatgrass shot.
Come on along with me. Four weeks of sugar detox to come out the other side looking and feeling your best. What’s your reason to Strike Sugar? Me, I just want to get happy and avoid cancer. Let’s hear your reasons. I don’t just want to hear them, I need to hear them.
Striking Sugar this week!
Love and hugs,
Tosca Reno
PS. By the way, Striking Sugar is more fun when you bring a friend. Join the Strike Sugar Challenge Facebook Group today!