With Spring fever comes the exciting knowledge that Summer is just around the corner. We are all on a quest to find the best versions of ourselves and for those of us in Summer Body prep mode, the quest intensifies this time of year. Tank tops, shorts and swimsuits – oh my! I am feeling charged with inspiration for creating my best swimsuit body, eating well and really getting to my ultimate health this summer.
Remember the Body Beautiful, Body Healthy Formula? 80% of your efforts boil down to your food choices, so before we jump into how to rep it out and sweat it out, a few tips for pumping up the power of your Clean Eating in preparation for the summer months:
• If it isn’t fresh, don’t eat it!
• Eat more fat burning foods like asparagus, kale, and hot peppers.
• Make your portions smaller. Smaller plates can help.
• Scale back alcohol consumption to once per week (e.g., one glass of wine on a Friday or Saturday evening).
• Drink lemon water all day. Great for reducing bloat!
• Get your fiber up with flax to promote bowel health.
• Consume 1 – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily for fat burn acceleration. Coconut oil is not stored as fat but used immediately to make energy, which speeds up your metabolic rate. Cook with it! Eat it!
Now we’re moving from the kitchen to the gym! Let these 3 workouts for a svelte summer inspire your next sweat session. Mix them into your current training regimen or combine and tweak them according to your fitness goals.
Take breaks as you need them, but remember that reducing your rest time between sets and cycles ups the intensity and fat-burning power; however, you should be working hard enough that you need to take breaks. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down!


This variation on traditional Tabata (a type of High Intensity Interval Training [HIIT]) is a high-impact routine that mixes moves that will get your cardio and strength up. The idea is to work as hard as possible during the 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This ratio works both aerobic and anaerobic pathways harder than longer, more traditional workouts, so be sure to have a timer with you!
This is a demanding workout, so I encourage you listen to your body and feel free to experiment with it – especially if you’re new to this type of training. That may mean focusing on one move instead of the two during each round, or cutting the circuit back to three rounds instead of all five to begin.
20 Minute Tabata Fat Blaster Workout


I regularly do HIITs to take my muscle-building and fat-burning to the next level. HIIT can take hundreds of forms, so again, feel free to follow this workout as-is or customize it to suit your goals and fitness level. Get ready to sweat!
HIIT Combination Workout


Supersets mean performing two exercises back-to-back without resting. Supersets are a great way to break through a plateau. Plus, if you’ve never tried them before, this is an easy way to make your weight training more interesting and challenging, and get more variety into your workouts. The weight of your dumbbells should be challenging but something you can manage.
Full Body Burner Workout With Dumbbells
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