6:15 am: What am I doing? I am still under warm covers, not wanting to keep my date with sneakers and gym clothes. Five more minutes. Just five more. It’s so cozy under the covers and that’s where I’m staying for a bit more.
7:00 am: iPhone chirps madly while I fumble about like dazed drunk trying to shut it up. See time is now to get up. I am already late for workout. But it’s so chilly outside and so warm inside.
“Tosca, stop making excuses and get moving!” I have conversation with self, motivation is much needed right now. I know I have a thousand things to do but I’m moving slow. I guess it’s because I am spending way too much time on my own. I feel like a hermit, rattling around in this big old house by myself. Is anyone listening?
If I were running the Boston Marathon, I would have my butt racing around my training route right now instead of trying to get my butt into workout leggings. Come on!!
On subject of Boston Marathon, amazing story of bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory who ran the last 3.5 miles of the race after losing part of her leg in the bombings two years ago. That girl is one seriously committed athlete/survivor/woman. Last year she was unable to walk, now she’s running in the big one. Go girl!
Go girl! Yes, that’s me. Got to go girl.
7:45 am: Don’t head to gym. Don’t lift weights. Don’t flip switch on treadmill. Instead I grab Maggie’s leash and we hit the trail running, trying to squeeze in some cardio before the rain comes. I’m bundled up in a wool hat and mitts for the run because it’s only 5 degrees C and there is sleet in the air.
We set off on a steady pace, feeling the wind and wet whip across my face. We run past the pond which is bustling with ducks, geese and Trumpeter swans, a beaver dam, muskrat hills and snakes. You’d think we were in wild terrain but this trail is only 5 minutes from my house and it’s perfect for a 5K or longer. Today is a 5K.
I’m mixing up my cardio adding in a few runs. And even though it’s still April I am planning on putting on my wetsuit and swimming laps soon too.
Pass a few other runners and dogs taking their masters for a walk. The trail is favorite place to think. In 35 minutes the run/walk is done, Maggie is pooped (well she did that too) and happy to head home.
9:00 am: In my warm kitchen I think it’s time to make a hot drink and have been craving Turmeric Milk so I grab recipe from Superfoods ebook and make a batch. Add ginger root, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, honey, Bird’s Tongue chilies and coconut milk and water. Heat gently and then whiz in the Vita Mix.
Oh no! I have turned my Vita Mix yellow! Note to self – turmeric stains everything. But I predict Turmeric Milk will be next new hot beverage. It’s delish and super healthy. Admit to obsession with superfoods as have concerns over today’s nutrition status. Turmeric is one of these. Turmeric Milk recipe loaded with plant nutrients to keep healthy. Turmeric is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and so much more. Used fresh grated root in today’s recipe.
Have delicious cinnamon sticks from Grenada Islands. This cinnamon is pungent and spicy. Like turmeric, cinnamon is perfect for health especially managing blood sugar. Have to be worried because now, like Type 2 diabetes, Type 1 diabetes is also rising. Reason can be from epigenetic factors like environment, infections, high birth weight and drinking cow’s milk. Story was in the New York Times.
Also found crazy strong chili peppers called Bird’s Tongue. You could say it burns. A lot!! It’s a tiny little pepper but carries a BIG punch. It is pain reliever, anti inflammatory, protects heart, boosts metabolism, immune boosting and more more more. I want to put it in everything.
11:00 am: So I did. Now I’m making Black Bean Soup. Put Poblano chili and Bird’s Tongue in it. Fiery soup! Fiery good.
Then got creative with Paleo Loaf recipe and Orange Cake recipe. Wanted to put more sweet from dates and some walnuts in. Then wanted to add lots of spices, like in traditional Groaning Cake recipe often fed to new mothers because so high in nutrition. So made up recipe from all three and it tasted SO GOOD!
1:35 pm: Have to tell truth now. Woke up this morning feeling sad. Not every day is good day. Some harder than others. I am usually optimistic person. Today not so much. When I feel like this it is hard to find way. Have to remind self what matters. But had to put myself in different place to reconnect with what matters. That is why trail run happened. Outdoors makes me feel better. Heals sadness. Running and sweating helps me wash away anxiety.
Also kitchen is happy, healing place for me. When I can’t find my way or find answers, I like kitchen because is place where I create food, nourish self and nurture self. Always same feeling – happy, content, productive. Is good.
Then head and heart feel less heavy. Also find thoughts come to head when busy with ingredients. I think is like meditation in some way. Meditate over your carrots! Haha!
4:05 pm: Now see Lena Dunham from Girls is exercising. Says she is doing it to help manage anxiety. Um! Yesss! What have I been saying for years?? Exercising is my drug of choice. No pills for me. No booze. No food bingeing. Instead, exercise makes body, head and heart feel so bloody good (that is Bob talking – always said everything was “Bloody Good” but he was a Brit!).
All is right with the world – we go back to eating plants, drinking plenty of water, using nutrients to heal sick body and exercise for all kinds of reasons, maybe mostly emotional and all is well.
6:30 pm: Sit at kitchen table and have Black Bean soup with my mom and my sister. Soup is soul building food. We eat and laugh, talk and cry. So glad to have my family with me. My mom is funny and smart and turning 80 this August. My sister is tough and strong, survived heart issues and is making lifestyle changes. I’m proud of them both. Feel buoyed by my family connection.
7:45 pm: Mom and I are sitting by fire reading and talking. I’m supposed to be writing this blog. Well I have been doing that all day but I need to finish. So I will. Know that some days are just regular old days with rough edges but even those are days to be thankful for. Once again can find way to be grateful. Being grateful is good glue to hold life together.
Eat Clean for health and for life,
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