Easter means different things to different people, depending on your faith and family traditions; however, one thing it almost universally signifies spending time with loved ones. I treasure this time of year for this reason. As my girls continue to come into their own as young women with their own families and homes, these increasingly rare moments of togetherness mean that much more. I couldn’t be more proud of these incredibly talented women and truly feel blessed to have them inspire me to be my very best.

This time of year I’m also feeling overwhelmed missing the cherished loved ones who will be absent from the Easter dinner table. I’m speaking about Bob and Braden, of course. I got to know Braden when he came home from the hospital after sustaining a life altering head injury. He always had a smile despite his horrific injuries. What made him happiest was when we all piled into his room and watched silly Jim Carrey movies, these were his all time favourite. As Braden couldn’t eat chocolate on his own, we made him chocolate smoothies that could be placed in his feeding tube or spoon fed to him. Well he often was a giant chocolate mess afterwards, but the treat was well wroth it. Easter for Bob was always about lamb, his absolute favourite meal, and it had to be paired with mint sauce. I tried hard to cook a decent roast lamb for Bob but I wrecked it every time. I didn’t grow up eating lamb so I think I was missing the Lamb Love. It proves my point that cooks do best with foods they have some history with. Poor Bob, he had to settle for rubbery lamb and hard boiled eggs. Good thing I could manage a good vegetable dish!

Below are some Eat-Clean Easter ideas and tips inspired by some of my favourite family moments from when the kids were little. I hope you and your family enjoy this Easter weekend, loaded with fun festivities, love and memory-making.

1. Dye eggs, the natural Eat-Clean way

Or try one of these adorable egg decorating tutorials with the kids or as a soul-soothing solo project:
Egg Shell Planters
Silk Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs
Decorate eggs with seeds, spices and dried herbs


2. Make perfectly hardboiled eggs for breakfast or a snack

HBEs are an Eat-Clean staple for me. I load up my cooler with this delicious source of protein when I know I’ll be in the car for much of the day travelling between meetings, but since they’re so readily available, I also rely on them a for quick hit of nutrition when I’m away from home, like when I’m at the airport or a friend’s house.

I have mastered my technique for the perfect hardboiled egg technique and want to share it with you. No more wasting chunks of potassium-rich egg white while peeling!

Perfect Hardboiled Eggs Infographic

3. Serve an Eat-Clean lunch in BPA-free Easter eggs



Eating from interesting containers is always fun, especially for the little ones. Load up an empty egg carton with BPA-free Easter eggs and fill them with goodies such as:
• Whole wheat or quinoa pasta with Clean Green Kale Pesto
Eat Clean Tuna Salad Sandwich cut out with a flower or bunny cookie cutter
Light and Lean Leek and Potato Soup
• Baby carrots and celery sticks
• Cherry tomatoes
• Cucumber slices
Clean Eating Guacamole for dipping veggies
• Dried fruit and raw, unsalted nuts
Mayan Cocoa Meltaways

4. Make a batch of my Chocolate Goat Cheese brownies

I love a good moist brownie. This one delivers on decadence and densely chocolate-y taste with a special and unexpected flavor burst thanks to the goat cheese. Click here to get the recipe.


5. Keep your sugar consumption in check

Remember that special occasions like Easter, are here to enjoy but a sugar overdose won’t help your mood or energy levels so put the brakes on once in a while and try not to eat the entire chocolate bunny in one sitting. Don’t forget to munch on plenty of greens – that will help keep your blood sugar in check.

Consider how you can incorporate 100% pure maple syrup, organic raw honey, apple butter and other natural sweeteners derived from whole foods into your cooking and baking as well.

Wishing you a blessed Easter,